About Me

Hi there. My name is Mary, a 35 years old Filipina living somewhere in Switzerland.

I started a blog with the same name sometime in 2015 but deleted it before a full year ended. My reason was that I was being so open with my life and I felt carried away, exposed, and I felt insecure. I was never an ‘open book’ type of a person and I tend to ‘protect’ myself and my emotions too much.

Being cucooned in a shell, however secure, is uninteresting. So this time, I will try to open up myself, my thoughts, decisions and maybe even heartaches. I believe that I have something to tell and I hope that I will get my courage to go the whole way, not be afraid of what people think of me along the way.



For inquiries or cooperation, kindly email me at mary(at)pinaysaeuropa.com


thank you and happy reading! 🙂