About my friend Niya

It was a good summer day.

I was supposed to go to Bern for my passport renewal but then the Philippine Embassy called me to cancel the appointment saying that they were not aware that the said day was closed. (erm, ask me not how come they did not check before approving an appointment..)

Anyway, at this point I already had a tageskarte from the gemeinde that I needed to use.

I chatted Niya the afternoon before and asked if she was free. She was and said I can come visit her. Yeyy. She lives in Winterthur and I was not yet there so I wanted to go.

Niya comes from Indonesia. She came to Swizerland and was married the same year that I came here and got married. We are of the same age and since both of us were Asians, we bonded well.

I met her in my previous job at Zürich Airport. We both work in different companies now but we whatsapp once in a while. I like her because she is simple, unpretentious and very understanding.

We were walking along Zürich and she was dressed like a fashionista. A lot of men were looking at her with interest haha

She is this beautiful Asian girl that men here always give a second look. I remember when we first met again after she left our previous work and she was wearing this elegant, maxi dress complete with sunglasses. We were walking at the airport and I could see a handful of men who were looking at her, even when they had women beside them.

She was the one who took me first to Zürich lake. I have always wanted to go to the lake but never found the time or the company to do so and at this time she said we could go. We walked the Bahnhofstrasse to the lake and board a short cruise.

We had a short cruise at the lake and it was fun. I guess this is just last summer, so a year ago.
She wanted to eat in a restaurant but I said it was too expensive. We ended up having a take out from Migros supermarket and it was just as good. We ate at the big clock of Zürich main station. She told me she learned how to be mindful of money because of me. lol

So then I went to Winterthur on this said day and came to her house and boy I learned a lot about hospitality. I guess she is used of having guests so she knows exactly how to be an excellent hostess.

She opened the door and we embraced like long, lost friends. She then offered me a drink and placed cola and juice before me even if I only asked for water. Lol. Then she toured me in her house.

I also toured some people in our house but she did it with finesse. Unlike me, she has stories about this art, this centerpiece, some history of some things that were in the rooms. We were having a glass of cola in our hands and I felt like I was being led in a museum tour. Haha. I mean, cool.

Then the rest of the day were just spent talking and taking photos.

When asians met, we just talk, eat and take photos. That was exactly what happened.

I am thankful for Niya because at this day I was really down and had some problems and she just gave me a new perspective without condemnations. There are peope who like to lecture (like me perhaps lol) or tend to give guilt, or give incessant suggestions when all one really needs is a listening ear and an occasional insight.

So we posed in their balcony…


in their bathroom…
… and in the receiving area, and practically in each part of the house actually. lol

There are indeed people whom you met in life that blossom into friendships. This is one of them. Although we are different from each other when it comes to temperament, (she is gentle and calm, I am judgemental ..) we still get along and understand each other.

Looking forward of spending time with her again. 🙂


    1. I totally agree with everything u wrote about Niyah. She is my best. She simple but ellegant,
      Humble and friendly, humoris. I am jealous LoL
      If you have a black day, chat her to make your day. I love Niyah and always miss her

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