Baden Switzerland in early spring


It is mid-March and still pretty cold. The sun shines most of the day though.

It is funny that in the Philippines, I avoid the sun at all costs while here, I chase those rays. The reason is that the rays give me the heat I am craving amid the coldness of my sorroundings.

So anyway, yesterday I was in Baden and took the opportunity to gather some shots. These photos are taken from my Samsung s6 edge.


This can be found just behind the train station. There are lots of shops and restaurants sorrounding the place. One can also use the lift in the picture to go down and walk near the edge of the river.
This is the city clock tower inside the city center. I find it quite convenient to be always reminded of the time without looking at my phone.
This is the view from the Kantonschule Baden steps. One can just sit down there and has a pretty, overlooking view of the houses on the other side of the bridge.
This is one of my favorite Baden scenes. This is actually the very first scene in Baden that I really like. There stands a solitary house just near the water reservoir.
There are picturisque houses also on the other side of the river from behind the train station.
This is a close-up picture of the ruined castle. Until now I just still do not know which way up there..
The typical velo parking in any city. 🙂 Swiss are just crazy of their velos.

Baden is actually a pretty city. It is about 10 minutes train ride from Zürich so it is an easy detour in sight seeing.

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