Best but cheap hair masks for dry, flaky hair

    After our 11 days vacation in Greece which left my hair very dry and brittle,  I told myself to immediately repair my hair once we get home. (Well, 11 days/ 7 hours per day under the sun and salty waters, what should I expect?)

    So anyway here are my proven best hair masks to repair a very dry, course but brittle hair. 

    Let me first list the all natural ones. 🙂

    Olive oil, coconut oil, and honey.

    I just combine this ingredients or use each separately. Lather them all over the hair from the roots to the tips and voila, good, refreshed hair again. 

    What I do hate about the natural way though is that it takes me a loong time to take them off. They need a lot of shampooing to take away the greasiness unfortunately. Otherwise, I look like someone from the Adam’s family with shiny, black, very oily hair after.

    Nivea cream.

    This may come as a surprise but bear with me.

    I actually just use the nivea cream on my scalp. I part my hair and then dab the cream on the skin just near the hair roots. Nivea cream repairs my scalp and moisturizes it like nothing  else. I actually do this once a week specially on winter as my scalp gets flaky and itchy. Promise, this cream really is a wonder. 

    The link below is where you can buy it in Amazon. This is the German Nivea cream which is better than the one made in other countries like Mexico, Spain or Thailand etc.

    Loreal Elseve Mask Total Repair.

    I use this when I am in a hurry. It has keratin and ceramide in its formula and it does make my hair really smooth, shiny and strong afterwards. It also a a very mild, clean scent which I love. This mask glides easily on the hair and thus it is also easy to wash it away. This is a  cheap but really good mask to have in the bathroom.  

    Dr. Shedu Hair Protein Treatment for dry, damaged hair.

    This is my latest discovery from Amazon. This product has excellent reviews that was why I bought it. It promises a professional salon results in 10 minutes and yes it does deliver. After using this mask, my hair is shiny, so soft and smooth and it feels strong when I touch it. It has keratin protein, argan oil, and shea butter so it is not made in harsh chemicals like so many things in the market right now. This has a definite place in the bathroom if you care for your hair. 🙂 It is a little bit expensive though but I bought it 2 months ago but there is still enough for about 3 applications. Not bad really. 

    So these are the masks that I use to heal my hair and scalp. I hope you can find something that would suit your needs. 



    Disclaimer: This post has a link to the Amazon website. Should you purchase anything by clicking this link, I will be receiving a small amount as commission at absolutely no cost on your part. Thank you very much. 

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