Castor Oil: how it removed lumps in my breast and behind my upper teeth.

I am in no way a medical practitioner. So everything in this post is based on my personal experiences using castor oil. I rave about this oil because of 2 instances that happened to me within the last 2 years.

The first one was when  I had a big lump on my right breast. I noticed suddenly a big, cent sized, lump on my right breast near my heart at around March last year. I am in my mid to late 30s so breast cancer was already floating on my mind. After waiting for 1 month and some days, I finally went to the doctor. She said it was benign but that I could have it operated and removed or it could ‘maybe’ disappear in about 6 months or so. I choose to wait. We made the next appointment in exactly 6 months.

At home I tried fresh ground garlic topically (it burned my skin and scarred it, thankfully after some months it was gone). I tried rubbing ginger and onion on it too. The reason was that I would like to go the natural path. I noticed no difference on the size at all.

Then somewhere in the internet I read how castor oil seep inside the skin safely and destroys inflammation.

What I did was I lathered a lot of castor oil on the area where the lump was and then wrapped the body part with plastic so that the oil will not stain my clothes AND it will go directly under the skin. When I felt that the oil had seeped in the breast, I repeat the process.

After just 3 days, the lump was gone. Just like that. I was amazed and ecstatic. And almost 2 years later, it has not reappeared. 

 I am writing this post because castor oil saved me again last night. 

I had a terrible blister on the cave behind my upper teeth. I had the same one when I was in New York (after eating a pizza) and it was horrible. The blister took about 1 whole week and it was terrible. There were about 2 or 3 days when I can barely speak because the blister got so big that it impeded speech. After a week, the lump was gone but left my two front teeth a wide gap. So that blister memory gives me always horror when I remember it and I have this annoying teeth gap because of it.

Then last night I noticed a lump behind my upper teeth again, the same place where it happened last time. I felt so horrible and I started to panic. I have work and I do not want to call in sick. From last time, experiece it took a whole week before I was able to speak normally again.

Then I remember how castor oil removed the inflammation on my breast and I researched online if castor oil can be taken orally or if it will poison me. Thankfully it is not toxic.

What I did last night was I put castor oil on the cave of my mouth where the blister was and ‘seeled’ the oil with plastic foil. I repeated the process 2 times before I sleep and let it on while asleep. 

Today when I woke up there is still a very tiny bump behind my upper teeth but the inflammation, the blister, and the painful feeling were absolutely gone. 

The moment I woke up and felt everything was okay, I remember the lump incident on my breast and how castor oil helped me. I know that there are a lot of people who may find this information very helpful so I am writing this post. I myself was desperate in those times so I hope this post will reach those who might need some help. 

Feel free to write me a message or comment should you have any questions about my testimony.


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