Drinking lukewarm Lemon Water in the morning health benefits

    We all know that lemons are good because it is full of vitamin C that really helps our immune system.  However, lemon – infused lukewarm water is even more beneficial specially if it is drank first thing in the morning.


    Here are some of its benefits. 

    1. Drinking lukewarm water infused with lemon slices on an empty stomach kicks up body hydration right away. 

    2. Lemon water has highly antibacterial properties so this helps the body fight infections. This highly aids and further strengthens the body immune system. 

    3. When drank first thing in the morning, this become highly effective in helping digestion and maintaining the body’s pH balance. 

    4. Promotes weight loss, aids in digestion and can increase a person’s basic metabolic rate. 

    5. Lemon water helps the liver more efficiently flush out the toxins from our body. 

    6. It is not only rich in vitamin C but also high in fiber so it regulates the bowel movement helping the body function well. 

    7. Lemon water is highly anti – inflammatory and is very effective against the common cold. 

    8. Since it is rich in vitamin C, it is very good for having and maintaining clear skin. Drinking lemon water regularly helps against acne, skin rashes and helps in brightening the skin complexion. 


    There is a variety of ways to have a lemon water. 

    The most common way is to simply squeeze lemons into a glass of water and drink. 

    Another way is to cut lemons into thin slices and infuse it in the water (warm or cold). Just a note though, do not leave the lemons with the water for hours because the water tend to be bitter from lemon skin afterwards. I usually just leave it for an hour max. 


    Also a last note, lemons are acidic in nature so when try to protect your teeth from the lemon water when you drink it. Not to worry though, lemon water, when reaches the stomach interacts with the digestive enzymes and alkalizes the body. 


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