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Essence Gel Nail Polish Review

I do not really like splurging money on expensive things. I, however, also do not like to use products with cheap quality and lousy effectiveness. So whenever I ‘discover’ a product that works, I tend to include them in my arsenal.

So here comes nail polish.

I was really getting tired of having to do my nails every other day because it chips and need to be done again. This time though, I have a system and products that I would like to share because they work and am really impressed. Plus, it will not cost you an arm and leg. 😛 so to speak.

First, I use a base coat which is Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat.

I have been using Essie Base Coat for many months already and surprisingly, I still have almost a full bottle. It cost me like 10 – 15 chf ( I forgot how much it was exactly as it seems a long time ago already). But being Essie brand, it was really expensive. I think it is worth it though. My nails seems strong and not easily breakable. 

After the base coat, I use Essence quick dry ‘Shine, Last & Go’ gel nail polish that I bought in DM store in Germany. A bottle of 8ml costs just below 2 euros. I bought number 40 rockstar and 41 big city vibes which are brown colors with glitter as well as a plain white number 33 wild white ways.

This is day 1 of of nailpolish number 40 rockstar.

What I like about Essence gel nail polish is that I only need to apply 1 coat and just evenly distribute it. It dries really fast, like a minute or so. The polish looks thick so it gives an illusion that it is done under UV rays in those really expensive salons.

I wore this for a full 7 days of normal household chores. To think that I do not use hand gloves, they still held on well. This is what it looks like on the 7th day though.

As you can see, the forefinger has a big chip already but the others look not so bad. 

I finish my nails with the  Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat which I think contributed to the better lasting nail. I notice also that it does give extra shine than using the gel polish alone. Also what I like is how the top coat dries easily and seals the nail polish.

I think the Essence brand is an okay brand. I also have some of their make up products which I like but not rave as to make a post out of it. For the price though, it could be already worth a buy.

But this Shine, Last & Go Gel nail polish edition is a good buy. They are extremely cheap, does a really good job and has quality comparable to other more expensive ones. I just bought 3 colors which I wanted but they also have a wider selection range you can choose from. 


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The article link to the online store is for information purposes only.

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