UPDATE: First Appointment with ForYouFirst Invisible Teeth Brace in Zürich

I would like to write about my experience with ForYouFirst in Zürich.

I was first made aware of their invisible  teeth braces offers through an advertisement in 20 Minuten, a widely-read, daily, free newspaper here in Switzerland. At that time, my husband and I were planning to go to Hungary, Czech Republic or Poland to have my teeth brace as it is far less expensive to have it there than here or even in Germany.

So after some thoughts, I booked an appointment with them online. About 2 days before my appointment, I got an sms that reminded me of the appointment and that should I not show up without cancelling atleast 24 hours prior, I would be billed 100 chf. The appointment will be of no cost by the way.

Their office is located in Bahnhofstrasse 94, Zürich and it is easy to find. Just exit the main train station and Bahnhofstrasse is the opposite street near Permanence, a famous, appointment-free, walk-in, test center / clinic in Zürich. From there, just walk further until you find the number 94. The office is in 3rd floor. The entrance is quite tricky to see but you will see it so no worries really. I boarded the lift and got to the 3rd floor. 

I buzzed about 10 minutes before my appointment and I was welcomed in by a receptionist / dentist assistant. Since it was not yet my time, she made me fill up an online application form using a tablet about my teeth history, general health condition as well as my expectations. The form was online and when finished, I just clicked submit. It was paperless and efficient.

Then the dentist came out. She actually introduced herself as a doctor so I guess that was the formal title. She was friendly and very accommodating. I actually had some quiet, suppressed fear of   dentists and I always find it chilling to open my mouth.

She asked me what I wanted with my teeth and I said that I wanted that my gums be pushed back (and if that was possible). I also have a noticeable front, gap teeth that I find uncomfortable with. She then checked my teeth with her gloved hands and afterwards said that it can be done. 

I asked about the cost of treatment. She gave me an estimate of 3000 – 3500 chf and it is already all inclusive including the retainers that I would be wearing after the treatment. In their website, they advertise that the treatment costs between 1.990 chf – 3490 chf tops so I guess that my teeth is on the more difficult range. I said okay, I can live with that. 

My husband and I estimated that should I make my teeth in Hungary, I would also pay about 2,000 euro plus I would sure be going there for check ups and the like. So I said to him that it would just be the same cost should I do this treatment with foryoufirst here in Switzerland. (Thus I booked the consultation).

So then, the receptionist / assistant scanned my teeth. It was painless and not much uncomfortable. Then I was told that I needed to have an xray of my teeth to see if I have some teeth problems that would be considered before having a teeth brace. It costs 50 chf extra. I decided to do the xray right then as I would not want to come back again should I proceed with the treatment.

So how does the treatment with foryoufirst go?

As far as I know, 2 weeks after the free consultation / xray is done, I will be receiving an offer from the doctor that would show how my teeth will look after the 6 – week or so treatment. It would also say how much would the entire treatment cost.

By the way, they use Invisalign so their braces as transparent and almost invisible (although in their website they advertise invisible braces but it is not really completely invisible).


If I would like the offer, I could accept it and pay. Also, they offer an installment plan too should that is a consideration.


About 2 weeks after payment, I will be receiving my first top and bottom teeth aligners that I would use for the duration of the treatment. They will send the new and succeeding aligners by post like every month or so since they can already project the movement of the teeth from the very beginning of treatment.

I should be wearing the aligners for at least 20 hours per day. 

After the treatment, I will be receiving my retainers that I will wear every night all throughout my life.


I am at the moment waiting for my offer. I told my husband that what I really want is for my gums to be pushed back dramatically. If the result will just that my teeth gap be closed and the gums pushed just ‘a little’ then I will not be going for the whole treatment, Maybe I will just wait a bit and see my other options.


So I will wait for the projected end result from the offer from foryoufirst before I finally decide. 

I will also be updating this post as to what would happen.

Here are some photos.

A photo of my teeth scan. Comparing this with the reviews of before – after photos in their website, my teeth is not so bad really. 😛


I guess this would be my lower teeth scan.


While my teeth is being scanned, I can see it in the big TV before me so it was cool. An added bonus I had a good view of the street outside.



After about a week, I received the treatment plan from ForYouFirst. It consisted of the amount of time that cover the whole treatment, the foreseen result, as well as the price. For the record, it would only cost me 2,990 chf.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the foreseen result. 

I specifically told the dentist who I talked with in the first appointment that my problem was that my gums are so prominent up front and that what I wanted was that it be pushed a bit inside the mouth. Maybe she did not understand me quite well but she nevertheless said that it can be done.

However in the foreseen result of the treatment plan, I saw that only the teeth will be pushed a bit inside and the gap teeth be closed (although not ‘very closed’). I think that my teeth is already quite straight so the treatment result felt inadequite.

I wrote a follow up email and reiterated my wish result (that the gums be pushed back a bit). They replied very prompt but said that it is the best that could be done and that my next step would be to pay and they will start producing my aligners.

Up to now, I am still thinking of I will pursue with it. 

There is not much difference that would take place.I also feel that I could live with my gap teeth.

To be fair to ForYouFirst, I think it will be worth it if the teeth are really bad so the difference would be really noticeable. 

I think that my teeth is not that very bad and that what I really want is not adressed here. 🙁
I mean there is of course a difference but they are not soooo huge. I would pay almost 3,000 chf for so small difference. I feel at the moment that it is not that worth it..

They do have, however, an excellent team that give prompt reply and support from the very beginning up to this point. They also have very good reviews online as to how they treat their customers.

However for me, I am still not sure if I would push through with it. 

I will update this post should I decide to go with the treatment.





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