Gardening, Recycling, De-cluttering in Spring

Spring time is planting time. 

I am so pleased with myself. I bought pots just once and it was about 4 years ago already and I still use them up to now. 

The only thing I bought this time is additional potting soil. I actually bought only 15 kilos because all throughout winter, I made a compost using my biodegradable household garbage.

What I do is that I segregate my household garbage. The peels of vegetable and fruits, eggs shells, and other biodegrable but UNCOOKED garbage I throw in these big pot in our balcony. I do not know how it happened but when I was doing the transplanting today, soil worms live in this compost. I guess they are good worms though.

I then bought flowers, lavendel, a type of salad and chives seeds and planted them around end of March. I was actually not sure if they would all come up. I planted them when it was still a bit cold in the late winter.

planting in switzerland

Now is end of April and as  you can see, I got seedlings already. Only the lavender is still buried beneath which I do not see any signs of sprouting at all.

balkon gardening

I also have tomato and paprika seeds that I soaked in water in between paper towels. These seeds though, came from a tomato  and a paprika that I bought from Migros. So far, paprika seeds are showing some signs of sprouting. I got these technique in some facebook posts that I came across and I hope they would be effective. I do not have anymore pots to use so I am saving those milk cartons that I just normally throw out. I think they would do well as pots.

seed in paper towels

I am so excited for these plants to grow. 🙂

Additional expenses though can creep up with plants. I have long been wanting to buy a plant roller but the good ones cost atleast 15 chf to even 60 chf. I mean, I can buy it but then I would be bringing additional things inside our home. So I walked around and ‘opened’ my eyes to look for things that I could use.

I found these two really nicely made, wooden boxes. I do not even remember where I got them from but I must have thought them useful and pretty at that time for me to have kept them. I am sure though that I did not pay for any of these. Sure enough, they make pretty plant mat under. 🙂 Also, the pink plastic was a broken pail before that I gave a second life as a flower pot. I think it is cute and one clutter less. 🙂

The last photo’s under mat was made of stacked paper and cartons that I also use as plant mat. Newspapers and cartons are really a pain for me because in our municipality, they only collect like once a month and sometimes even once every two month so they pile up.

I also have these outside as pot mat but I covered in plastic to avoid being soaked up with water when it rain. I lost those mats already when we transfered to this new house 2 years ago and I never bought replacements. I try to really not buy if I can help it because I only have a very limited space.

Spring time is actually the strongest sale in home depots here in Switzerland. I know because I work in one of those shops. People here go crazy with buying flowers, vegetables, pots, soil, gardening tools, spring decoration etc. During these times I am amazed at how people here have lots of money to spend. I mean, every year it is the same. How often do you buy pots and gardening tools and machines? I really think that a lot of people throw lots of things away (or sell them online for cheap) and they buy new thing  the next year. I think it is a waste, but of course it is just me. Maybe if you have money to spend then it is absolutely okay. Who am I to judge?

Me and my saving mentality is already happy with reusing old things. My philosophy is to wear things out until I can no longer use them. It is then that I can justify a new buy. Or I guess I just am poor here in Switzerland hence this attitude 😛

For now though, I will patiently wait for my plants  to grow so I can enjoy them. Come Autumn I would need to stack all these pots in the basement again but for now, let them enjoy the warmth of the coming months. 🙂



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