Getting Around from Rhodos Airport

    Getting Around from Rhodos Airport is quite easy. 

    The city center of Rhodos is about 14 kilometers from the Diagoras airport. This takes about 20 minutes by taxi or about 45 minutes by public bus. 

    There are taxi companies that one can book direct on the arrivals or just outside. The taxi to Rhodos City center is about 25 euros from the airport. Below is a photo of taxi costs that I saw on the taxi lane. 

    If you do not want the taxi, there is also the public bus. Per person from the airport to Rhodos City costs just 2.20 euros. 

    The bus stop is quite easy to find. From the arrivals, just exit and walk to your left. It is situated directly in front of Air Canteen which is an open bistro. 

    The last stop of the public bus is the city center so there is no need to worry about when to get out. 

    On the last station are the booking kiosk to wherever destinations one has. We went to Lindos so we just booked our tickets in the kiosk and the buses are already parked on the same street.

    Just be warned though, the buses are often filled to the brim. If you find a seat, take it as soon as you can because the bus driver takes everyone who are waiting on the stops and if it is high season then there are of course lots of tourists and groups. 




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