Hotel Bellevue in Iseltwald (Brienzersee) Review

It was sometime in winter last year that I booked an overnight stay on a whim. 

I browsed on deindeal and found some hotel deals just here in Switzerland. I found a hotel that was just in front of the lake Brienz and the pictures look amazing. I booked 2 days and 1 night for 2.

When booking with deindeal, I call whatever hotel first and reserve my dates before I push through with the payment. I also make sure to mention that I am booking with a deindeal coupon. This way, I am certain that the dates are still free in the hotel before I actually purchase the coupon. I would not want to pay first and then am told that my desired dates is already fully booked. 

This time, I booked a hotel named Hotel Bellevue in Iseltwald. 

This is a picture of a view from a room balcony that can be seen on the hotel’s website. It is very beautiful and relaxing just looking into it.
This is a photo from the deindeal website where I booked. It looks perfect on a summer day. We, however, went on a winter day.
This photo in typical in Switzerland on a summer day by the lake. I found this photo on the hotel website.

Unfortunately on our booked day, the weather was not very cooperative. It was downright gloomy and cold. 

The drive from our place was just under 2 hours so it was perfect. 

From the outside, Hotel Bellevue looked like an old house converted into a quint hotel. It was situated just infront of the Brienzer lake (Brienzersee). We saw an open restaurant just in front of the lake that has tables and chairs turned because of the weather. 

We entered the hotel and it felt like visiting an old family house. It smelled of old wood and fragrant, subtle sort of perfume.

We arrived at about 3 in the afternoon and there was no person at the reception. There was a buzzer though in a small desk/reception area where cabinets made of dark, brown wood were piled with folders and papers. After buzzing, a friendly middle-aged woman welcomed us, checked our reservation and then handed us our key. It all took just under 2 minutes. It felt very personal and relaxed.

We then went to our room and it was big and very spacious. We had a huge balcony directly facing the lake. It was beautiful, only that it was raining at this point and the sky was quite depressing.

The bed itself was not that special. We had a queen-size bed with hard mattresses and crumpled white sheets. It smelled clean though.

The bathroom was not too spacious but it was enough. It had a shower, some toiletries and a hair dryer. It is what I would call a spartan bathroom, just enough for the guests to clean and be comfortable doing their things. It is rectangular in shape so it felt narrow. I had no complaints though.

The hotel had free bottles of water with a small Swiss chocolate bar. It was delicious but of course, having been in Switzerland for quite some time, am already familiar with the more delicious brands. 

There was a small, old model television that had international channels in it. There was also a phone where one can call internationally.

The hotel had a very beautiful, spacious restaurant that had glass walls where guests can have the view of the street and the lake. This restaurant was also open to guests who were not checked in. I knew because the restaurant was full  although there were not that many rooms and at this time, were not a lot of guests checked in.

Hotel Bellevue is a small but beautiful hotel where guests can check in while enjoying the lake. It does not have any facilities like sauna, pool, jacuzzi like some 3-5 star hotels. I guess people come there to check the lake, cruise, hike, etc and not to stay the whole day inside. 

It does not need all these fuzz though, as this hotel is charming and a pre-requisite on its own.

This is the queen sized bed that looked and WAS uncomfortable. The mattress was hard and the blanket was too short that I had to curl up to cover my toes.


This is the bathroom. It was narrow but clean and had the necessary toiletries.


This is the inhouse restaurant. The walls are made in glass so it was really pretty and relaxing. The breakfast and dinner were also good. I had no complaints. There were a lot of guests during dinner time.

As I have mentioned, it is located directly in front of the lake. In a good day, one can stroll the periphery of the lake, take the boat that travel the Brienzersee, swim, hire a paddle boat, raft, hike and wander, or just enjoy a good drink in its outdoor restaurant.

The hotel also gives a free transportation pass within the vicinity so you can take the bus and discover the small town. It also lends bicycle for free upon availability.

The castle behind me is one of the highlight scenes in Brienzersee. Because of the weather however, it is reduced to a haunting old domizile. lol


We hiked a little bit and this was just a small hill at the back of the hotel. In this area was also the camping place for those who decide to go with their mobile homes.

I was actually satisfied with this hotel and I would like to go back. It has the best reason why it can be considered one of the best hotels in Switzerland. It is situated  in front of Brienzersee, which is one of the mose beautiful lakes of Switzerland. 

I would say that this hotel delivers the needs of a simple Brienzersee tourist. 




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