Hotel Sporting: Galzignano Terme Golf and Spa Resort Review

We stayed in Hotel Sporting, a part of Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort this July 2019 for 4 days. I would like to make a review of this hotel and our experience there.


We booked this hotel from Voyage Prive and paid just around 300 euro for 2 people with breakfast. It was just a steal because a hotel room charges normally about 130 euro per night with breakfast.

My first impression of this resort was that it seemed so exclusive. The resort  was cucooned in mountains, vineyards and just lush greenery everywhere. We actually drove past the hotel because the entrance was so discreet and the hotel cannot be seen from the highway. 

This is the entrance from the main street. One cannot see the hotel while on this street. We had a navigation but we drove past since we did not see any building.
This is the street where the hotel is situated. As one can see, is over all just trees and mountains covered with trees. Just a drive in the neighborhood one can see the vineyards and some ruined castles too.

Galzignano Terme Spa and Golf Resort actually consist of 3 different hotels. We stayed at Hotel Sporting which was the the first hotel from the entrance of the resort and the nearest to their 9-hole golf place. Radisson Blu Majestic is the hotel opposite Hotel Sporting. Hotel Splendid was the third hotel that was also part of the resort.

We arrived at Hotel Sporting at about past 1 in the afternoon and it was so hot. We saw lots of cars parked in and about the hotel but we somehow parked from behind the hotel. From there, we saw that some parts of the building needed some repainting and even some serious repair.

We then walked around  to the hotel entrance and the lobby. There was a friendly, competent receptionist who spoke English, German and French. The check- in was fast and efficient. We were told that we could enjoy our complimentary welcome drinks either at the pool bar or at the restaurant. 

While checking in, I looked around the lobby and noticed that it was huge with lots of couches, tables and chairs. There was what I thought was a piano for entertainment, too. There were some paintings here and there but what I noticed at first was how the lobby looked dark, and unwelcoming. It could be because it was midday and outside was very hot that inside felt a bit uncomfortable too. It could also be that the curtains were all drawn maybe to put on some shield on their glass walls.

We then took the lift to our floor and I noticed how the corridors seemed elegantly carpeted. From the hallway, there was a view of the pool and the mountains outside. The hallway was well lit in contrast to the gloominess of the reception lobby.


We then entered our room and the first thing I noticed was how huge the room was. There were lots of cabinets to tuck our things in and the dresser was huge. There was a huge balcony where we can see the mountains. It seemed so exclusive really.

This was the dresser and part of the bed. Everything was neat and the colors of the room were also good for the eyes.
I was quite happy to be able to hang up my clothes and arrange them in a not so messy manner. 😛

The bed was very comfortable but a bit strange. It was two single beds pressed closed together as possible but still the wooden frames make it impossible to have one whole bed. I mean we are married and I want to cuddle sometimes and one single bed was not enough for two people without the other being pushed to the wood rims.


The bathroom was also very neat, huge and overall elegant. There was a complete toiletries with vanity kit, bathtub, hairdryer, the mirror was huge with very good lighting for doing your make up. What I like in the bathroom area was that it was big enough for 2 people to use it at the same time. 

I wanted to show the toiletries. What I liked was that they had sealed plastic cups. I do not use those glasses because they are not really cleaned and just polished from the last guests use. The only thing missing in the set was a brush and a tooth paste.


The balcony is also one of its best offers. It is so huge like a party of a small group of people can be held on it. From the balcony, one can hear the crickets and what was funny was that the crickets can be heard not only at night but the whole day, anytime. It was just a testament that the hotel was really in the middle of a nowhere.

This is the view from our balcony. The sight is just stretches of hills and greens and it is a relaxing sight to behold.
The hotel opposite ours is Radisson Blu Majestic and behind it is the Hotel Splendid which are all part of the Galzignano Terme Resort.

After resting a bit, we went down to check the thermal pool. We also wanted to have our welcome drinks there. There was an indoor thermal pool that goes to the outside pool. There was a bar that served drinks and small snacks. 

There was 2 changing rooms with one having a locker and the other its shower facilities. The wellness area of the hotel was also big with lots of private rooms for personal spa services. We passed all those rooms and I have not seen an occupied one. The rooms were with a massage table and a jacuzzi tub. The hotel offers some mud spa and it looked like those rooms are for those services. 


The pool was gorgeous. It was warm and comfortable. There were also enough relax chairs and umbrellas all around the pool and in the inside pool. The view were all greenery and mountains so it was a very good place to tone down. When we came were also not much people so it was not at all crowded. 

This was my favorite place in the pool. It was a whirlpool and aqua massage and from there my view of the mountains was priceless.
There was an aqua aerobics every afternoon and it was fun. The resort was I guess expensive so the guests were more like retirees. There were no loud noises from children in the pool.
This is part of the pool on the other side. The place is really majestic and relaxing and very beautiful.

On the next day, we had a massage appoinment at 10 am and that was included in our package. We had breakfast first at about 8. 


The mess hall was also huge. A restaurant personal met us at the entrace, asked for our room and then guided us to our reserved table. We found out that each guests had a table reserved for them all throughout the stay and we could not just pick a table that we wanted. 

The breakfast was buffet. There was the usual choices of yogurts, boiled and scrambled eggs, select meat cuts as well as salmon, choices of breads and spreads, pancakes, baked goods, fruits, and of course hot drinks. I was very much satisfied with the breakfast selection.

This was part of the buffet breakfast. We had 4 breakfasts and most of the selection stayed the same other than the fruits and baked goods which were different each day.
I had pancakes each day. I just loved it so much lol. On my last day, I actually had 4 pancakes. 😛


After breakfast was a short pause and then off to the massage. It was the only disappointing part of our stay.

We had an appointment letter and we went to the Galzignano Wellness building beside the hotel but they said our appointment was not with them but with the wellness of Hotel Sporting itself.

We then went to the wellness area where we saw the private rooms with massage table and jacuzzi. We were led to the end of the hallway where a signage ‘Massage Area’.

My husband went to another room and I went with my attendant. I entered the massage room that was just a shabby, seemingly humid room. She said I should take off my shirt and lay on my back on the massage bed. I did so expecting to be given some sort of a clothing or even a towel but there was none. All the time I was uncomfortable and so conscious and so I tried to focus my mind on the solitary, albeit broken ceiling lamp that was hanging just above me.

This was the massage room. This is a really big disappointment in our stay. It just does not look like one can find her inner peace here. LOL

The massage was so meehh. All she did was glide her hands on my legs, torso, back, stomach, etc. There was no pressure, and it was all just a sporadic moving her hands up in down my body. It was very disappointing and was not relaxing at all.

After seemingly a long hour, she was done and I hastily put my clothes on with her actually watching. She just went out to check if my husband was already finished with his. I wanted to give a tip but my things were on the locker so I tried to tell her in English and German that my money was in the locker and I will come back and give her something but I guess she had not understand any words I said. 

Later that day we checked the Fitness Center and the Sauna. These are in the Galzignano Wellness building that we went to at first earlier that day.

The building was where people can have beauty treatments and the famous mud treatments. There is a reception at the entrance where beauty products were also on display.

We just went straight to the fitness center and it was an okay facility, albeit most of the machines were already  tattered from time and use.

There was a big room where one can do resistance training as well as boxing. 

This is part of the fitness center. This area is actually big with lots of instruments and fitness tools and space.
I did try some exercises but in every vacation we had, I always forget to bring sports clothes and shoes.


Just in the hall was a lounge sofa and an automat where one can purchase cold drinks and water. There were no free towels so one has to bring one and no free water station.


We then went in the wellness area in between the two fitness rooms. There was a lounge area inside with relax chairs. There was a not-functioning, not-so-clean whirlpool, a sauna that seemed to be powered by electicity (sauna with wood felt better I guess) and a thermal grotto that smelled really off and a steam bath. We did not see the solarium that was included in the amenities but there was an area for beauty treatments so I guess that it was somewhere there. All in all, the only thing that we could use in this wellness center were the sauna, the lounge and the shower room. It was an okay experience but not something that had a wow factor.

This is the sauna. It is not too big but also not too small. It was also very hot inside that after just a minute or so, one sweats heavily already.
This is the sauna, the whirlpool and the shower area.
This is the thermal grotto. We went in and went hastily out again. The smell was quite , like an old, unwashed stones or smelled like pungent water left inside a container for a long time.
This is supposed to be the whirlpool. It was not working and had no water.
This is the lounge area after a sauna and a shower. Most of the times, we were just alone in the facility.


From the experience and observation, I would say that Hotel Sporting need some serious upgrade of its amenities and facilities. The hotel location was perfect and very idyllic. The resort grounds were also huge with lots of promise. 

This is part of the 9-hole golf. We saw quite lots of people who were actually playing. While walking around, I saw some guests from outside with their golf intruments. Apparently, this golf is open for people who want to play and not just for hotel guests.
This is the gold club and restaurant. It is quite big and seemed actually luxurious but subdued.
This is the tennis and badminton place. We saw lots of guests using the place during our stay.

The resort is tucked away from civilization, surrounded by vineyards, brewery, old castles, and really good restaurants. Also, Venice is also just a 50 minute drive. 

What I liked most about Hotel Sporting was its feeling of exclusivity and very private atmosphere. The thermal pool was also very nice. The food in breakfast and dinner was so tasty but this is of course very typical in Italy. 

What I did not like though was their wellness offers, both in the hotel and in Galzignano Wellness. At most all I could say was it was meehh. They needed to seriously up their game specially that this is what they offer up in their website.


A note though, we met a retired couple in this hotel and the women told me that they had been going to this very hotel every year for the last 30 years. If what she said was true then it just show that this hotel is really an idyllic place to relax. After all, this is an expensive, tucked away place where just a short drive in every direction, one can already enjoy good food and wine.

As for us, we would certainly want to visit this place again but we will surely try another hotel. This place in Italy has really a charm that is not easy to forget.

Just a last note, this is a restaurant just outside the hotel nested in the hills. I ordered a simple carbonara and it was undoubtedly the best noodle that I have until now eaten. The lunch took almost 2 hours. Every food is cooked and not just reheated. Also the ambiance was super. I wanted to come back again but we discovered this restaurant on our last day.




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