How to go to Acropolis and what to expect.

    When you are in the island of Rhodes in Greece, a visit to the acropolis is a must. It is one of the islands’ highlights and a big part of its history. 

    Going there is easy. From the center of Rhodes, just take the KTE bus to Lindos. It costs 5.50 euros. The travel is about 1 hour depending of course in the traffic. Take a seat on the left side to enjoy the sea view while travelling. The right side of the bus faces  the mountains the most. 

    Get down on the last stop which is Lindos. From there you can already enjoy and have a feel of the town. 

    Follow the flow of people from the bus station because most of them will go to the village. The village is a kind of steep walk down. Depending on your physical capacity it could already make you breathless so I recommend having good shoes on. Make sure to walk in a pace that you are comfortable with. Anyway time feels slow in this part of the world 🙂 

    The last end of the little walk  takes you to the town square and the entrance to the village. You can see lots of souvenir shops and pretty, cozy taverns. You can try to see around first and have a feel of the town. 

    Or you could head straight to the acropolis.

    By this you have 2 choices of going there. First is by foot and second is by using the Lindos taxi which is a donkey ride. 

    By foot is a bit tricky because the streets are like a labyrinth and look identical with each other. You can try to follow a Google map or ask around. Greek people are super nice and friendly so it is absolutely no problem. 

    The second option is the easier and gives you a more interesting experience. A donkey ride up the entrance to the acropolis costs just 8 euros (downhill costs 7 euros). A person will accompany you and lead the donkey up. If you have a soft heart, though this could be a really good experience, it could also give you a pang of guilt. The ride is really hard for the donkey and also to the man guiding. So please, if you are heavy, just walk and do not forget to give gratuity. 8 euros is really so small a fee for the combined efforts of the man and his donkey. 

    When you get to the top, you already can have a wonderful view of the Agean sea, the Lindos beach and St. PAUL’S Bay, as well as the Lindos village. 

    But to enter the acropolis ruins, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 12 euros. I guess this is for the upkeep. 

    There is a person checking the ticket when you enter and guide you in scanning it to the ticket entrance machine just like in subway stations. 

    Once you go past the entrance, you will then enter the ruins. It is actually just a huge castle with fortresses around it. 

    The place look like the ruins of Greek life and civilization as we know it in the movies. There are huge huge walls, huge boulders of stones everywhere and some ruined pillars or some parts of a citadel. There is also the temple of Apollo and Athena among the ruins. I guess it is very interesting especially if you like old cities and history. 

    The climb and sightseeing could be taxing if you are not in tip top condition. Pay attention to the huge stones on the ground because they could be really slippery. 

    If you have children with you please let them never out of your sight. There are no safety rails there and one could easily slip or trip over and land down on the lower parts of the fortress. I did not see any security so if there is an a accident, it could maybe take time before a professional help comes. 

    It took me about 20 minutes up there and then I wanted to go down already. Apart from the ruins and the Agean sea, there was really nothing more for me. Eating is not allowed up there so a small picnic is out of the question. So I guess for a normal, sightseeing tourist, the time spent inside the acropolis could be more or less 30 minutes and you would already want to come down. This urge could be shortened or lengthened depending on how scorching the sun is at the time of visit. This ruin is about 170 meter above St Paul’s bay so it could really be hot. 

    The acropolis is situated on the highest rock in Lindos and carries with it lots of history. 

    If you are a common tourist anyway, who only likes to take photos and selfies, you need not enter the acropolis and pay 12 euros. You could already get  really good views from outside the entrance. 

    But I would definitely recommend getting up there. It is worth the effort and the time to do so. Rhodes, Lindos and the acropolis are a must when you visit this part of the world. 

    Below are some photos to give you some ideas. 

    Here is the entrance to the acropolis. The donkeys are parked here. The entrance leads you to the cashier. From this spot you can also get a good view of the Agean sea and the village down. You can also enter and see around from the castle. The ticket entry is still further from where the cashier window is so you could still walk in and around. 


    This is a part of the donkey ride. The stones are quite shard and in undressed cut. The view from this way is magnificent though. 


    This is the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The pillars are really huge and are quite impressive.


    This is part of the outer fortress. Huge stones are on top of each other and are actually quite sharp and slippery.


    This is on the upper part of the citadel and as you can see, it is quite dangerous because one can easily trip over.


    This is quite one of the best views on the upper part of the fortress. There is the Temple of Apollo facing the sun and the sea.


    This is a sneek peak of the village and the St Paul’s Bay.


    I went there on mid afternoon and it was still so hot. There are however some caverns cut in the stones so they provide the needed shade and a pause.


    What is also liked about the experience was that there were actually some old small trees sporadically situated among the ruins. It gives an idea that this place was once ago something liveable and bustled with daily activities.


    There are 2 famous acropolis in Greece, one is this acropolis of Rhodes and the other one is the acropolis of Athens. 

    Thank you for reading. 🙂 

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