How to suppress and control appetite

Controlling a big appetite and food cravings are essential component of weight loss strategy. This is especially difficult on the early stages of the weight loss journey.


Here are some effective ways to control appetite and food cravings.


 1. Cut and eliminate artificial sugar in your diet.  Most of us have sweet tooth and sugar is everywhere. However, making a conscious decision of really avoiding those extra artificial sugar in our diet helps tremendously in controlling the appetite in the long run. There are lots of studies already that shows how sugar is more addictive than cocaine and how sugar destroys the reward mechanism of our brain making us crave more food.

 2. Drink a lot of water. Water fills up the stomach so if you drink water more, you trick the stomach that it is already full and thus, the crave to eat more stops.

3. Exercise or go for a walk. Sometimes, food cravings are just  side effect of loneliness or boredom. Whenever you feel like wanting to eat something, try to get our of your house and walk around or do some home exercises. Not only that the appetite will be gone but you will also lose some calories.

4. Eat a protein-rich breakfast. Food that is rich in protein do not spike the insulin level as compared to carbohydrates-rich breakfast. A protein – rich breakfast is digested slowly in the stomach and helps the body feel fuller longer and thus eliminates the desire to eat snacks before lunch.

5. Drink tea or coffee to curb the appetite. Coffees and teas such as green tea or black tea contains rich amount of caffeine that is a stimulant known to curb appetite. Green tea particularly has catechins that is known to speed up metabolism and in turn aid in weight loss. Just hold off the sugar and cream and consume just tea and coffee as is.

6. Eat fiber rich food such as sweet potato or oatmeal. I have proven this time and again. Whenever I eat sweet potato for breakfast or lunch, I feel no desire to eat more food throughout the day. I feel that I am full and the appetite is gone.

7. Do not overstock your fridge or pantry. Of course if there is a lot of temptation, it is just a matter of time before we give in. So make sure to stock on healthy quick meals/snacks so that should you really feel like eating something, at least they would be healthy and hopefully low calorie. Personally, I notice that if I see some cookies or chocolates lying around the house, I feel like I want to eat them and be done with them as fast as I could.

8. Eat mindfully. How many times have we eaten something while on our phones or in front of television? When we eat, try to just really eat and not do something simultaneousy because this way, the brain will register correctly when full and slowly supress the natural appetite to eat more. If we are focused on something else other than eating, then we  tend to munch more.

9. When you are full, stop. This may just sound simple and it is really simple. Once you feel that you are already full, then just stop eating even if you still want to eat more. This requires discipline and will power to do so it really depends upon how badly you want to change your eating habits. 


These are just some ways that I have proven and do so myself. Thanks for reading. 😉

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