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I feel too old for amusement parks.

The first ever ride that I had in an amusement park was that Viking Ship in Star City, Manila. I was about 26 or 27 then. I remember being so afraid of my life like never before. I shouted, pleaded, cried for that ride to stop and afterwards, I vomited. Good times.

Then I was at Heide Park in Lüneburg, Germany where I cried at the entrance of a roller coaster ride so that my husband will finally let me NOT get into the line. My only way out of that ride was tears and I used it shamelessly.

Not that I do not like amusement parks. I love them actually, only that I do not like adrenaline types of fun. I always say that I would rather be bored than dead because of a heart attack. There are other things to enjoy in an amusement parks other than those heart-stopping acts.

An example is the Europa Park in Rust, Germany. The park is so big and has lots of things to do or areas to visit. I was there two times already and still I do not believe that I have seen everything. The park is just so huge and and naturally had lots of visitors that there was always long lines in every attraction.

Here are some photos I took of our recent trip. I do not remember the names and areas unfortunately but I will try my best to describe each photo.

amusement park europe
Of course we saw some swans with a mädchen walking around typical of theme parks 🙂
europa park amusement park germany
I do not quite remember this but I am guessing that there is a huge roller coaster inside this very big holloween tent
europa park theme parks germany
Europa Park really felt like a huge, very diverse village complete with street signs.
europa park amusement theme parks europe
What I loved about Europa Park was this fantasy/magic/adventure land themes that makes it a certain hit not only to the kids but also to adults because they can re-imagine or re-live a part of their childhood.
europa park amusement theme park europe
This lake area of the park was certainly one of my favorites. You can just ride in a raft and smoothly travel through time where the barter culture still existed. Everything look realistic and looks not cheaply designed,
europa park amusement theme park europe
This is also one of the rides that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is pleasant, smooth and not nerve – racking 🙂 Good for an old heart like me. 😛 And I am certainly not the only old-heart there because on this area was a really long line before you can get inside.
europa park amusement theme park europe
This looks like a middle-age themed village. That is my brother who was with us on this trip and he also enjoyed every part of the Park.
europa park amusement theme park europe
This is part of a roller coaster which of course I did not ride, thank you 🙂 See how high and long is it? I would have fainted had I done it.
europa park amusement theme park europe
This waterpark area was pretty and yes I rode that small, not-too-dangerous roller coaster and all the time I had to hold my breath. It is my fault, I just could not relax.
europa park amusement theme park europe
This is the Greece themed area. I have never been to Greece yet but l could imagine they look really similar. There was actually a Santorini-like street as part of this area complete with white Greek-style buildings and cobblestones.
europa park amusement theme park europe
 Hello, that is me. This is an air train that connects all areas in Europa park so once we were so tired of walking, we just rode the train to the next attraction.


I wrote above that I feel too old for amusement parks. I guess, I only meant I cannot take anymore those ‘kick’ adrenaline rides. I would certainly will go to amusement parks again because there are lots of things than can be done aside from those dealthly rides.


For example, one can visit the horror houses where you just laugh. Then 4D movies are also offered as well as drama theater. Not to forget that in amusement parks, one can just enjoy being a kid again and have your cotton candies while walking along the fantasy land.




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