Is it safe to walk alone in Switzerland at night?


    Two days ago, an incident happened in Basel that sent shockwaves to the whole country.

    Just two days ago, a 75 years old, Swiss woman stabbed a 7 year old boy with roots from Kosovo in Basel. The boy was walking home from school around noon when the Swiss woman was said to have just approached him and stabbed him at the neck. (Link here)

    There was no witness but that some people discovered the body of the boy and brought him to the hospital. The woman was said to have called and messaged friends and news outlet about what she had done and afterwards she voluntarily surrendered to the police.

    This happened at broad daylight and people start to question the security of Swiss streets.

    So is it safe to walk alone in Switzerland at night?

    My answer would be still a yes. It is safe to walk in Switzerland at night.

    Switzerland is a quiet country. By this I mean that it is a country that sleeps.

    Even in big cities like Lucerne and Zürich, most shops close at 7 in the evening. Of course one can go to the bars or some restaurants until the wee hours of the morning but these are really seldom. The usual is that after 7, people start to go home and end their day.

    So is it safe to walk in Switzerland at night? I will be talking from my own experience.

    In my 6 years of stay here, we only lived in small towns. That means, after the shops close, very few people will be out there at night. I worked in restaurants and shops where there is what is called ‘abend verkauf’. This means that the shop or restaurant will be opened late in the evening on some special ocassion. It means that there are countless times already that I had to walk alone at night.

    Just like today, our store closed at 8 in the evening and I was out ten minutes past eight o’clock. Our store is a 35 – minute walk to our home and although there are buses, I always decide to walk.

    I feel secure though.

    First is that every 100 meter, there is a street light.

    Second is there are houses just along the streets so one wrong incident I can shout and I would certainly find help.

    Third is that cars, buses, and even people riding bikes are usual occurence. So even if I am the only one walking, I feel not really isolated.


    Here are some photos I took tonight on my way home

    Along the road is the village’ sports arena and tonight the soccer team is having a practice.
    As can be seen, some houses are situated just right along the road.
    It looks abandoned but thankfully street lights make it secure.
    This small road goes to the hill part of the town.

    Accidents always happen, just like what happened to the boy. There would always be some crazy people somewhere and I just hope not to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It sometimes seem that world has gone crazy after all.

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