Kreuzlingen and Konstanz Short Getaway

For our wedding anniversary, I booked a short trip near the Swiss border. I always scout deals online and one of my favorite is deindeal. I actually booked two short vacations through this site  already.

This time it was in Kreuzlingen, the last Swiss town bordering Germany. We checked in for a 3-day stay in Hotel Swiss, which was a quint, little hotel at the town center.

At this time, we were still living in region Lucerne so the drive to Kreuzlingen was about 2-3 hours. We arrived in the afternoon and had time to walk around the town. I wanted to get to know the town more but it rained so we had to get back to our hotel again.

Hotel Swiss feels like a place where it seems like your second home. The check-in was fast and uncomplicated. We were welcomed like long time residents. There was a free bicycle that one can borrow but because of the weather, we were not able to take advantage of.

Our room was in the attic. It was small and romantic. There were areas where we literally had to bend because the roof touched our heads. The beds are comfortable. There was a small TV, a window facing the quiet streets, and a small but sparkly-clean toilet. I had no complaints.

The next day, we went to a thermal pool which was part of the package I booked from deindeal. It is called Bodensee Therme and is situated near the border on the German side. It was actually a 10-minute drive from the hotel which was fine.

The therme was what I was looking forward to. It boasts of heated outside and inside pools. It was near winter when we visited so it was an experience bathing in heated water where outside was very cold.

The pool inside was 300 sqm with 33 degree celcius water temperature. It has a whirlpool, LED underwater lights, 16 massage showers, massage seat for the back and the feet.

The outside pool was 400 sqm plus a panorama pool with 34 degree celcius water temperature. It has also whirlpools, massage showers, lie down massage seats, and a pool area where there is a strong current stream.

It was one of the most relaxing baths I have ever experienced really.

We had a tageskarte or Whole Day entry but we just spent about 5 hours there. Our hands were crumpled because of the water so we said it was time to get out. Our package unfortunately only included the use of the therme. For some unknown reasons, you have to pay extra to be able to use the sauna. In other resorts, once checked in, all the amenities are included. I guess, it was just the arrangement between deindeal and the therme.

But I liked that short trip. It was one of those trips that I would want to repeat.

Also, I was able to buy my favorite Philippine junk food that I craved once in a while. 🙂

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