Lemon, Ginger and Garlic Benefits

Late last year, I had a breast cancer scare. There was a lump in my breast and for 2 months, I hesitated to go to the doctor for so many reasons.

As what happens when we are confronted with a possible death, I upped my health effort. I researched on ways on how to make my immune system stronger naturally. I am a strong advocate for natural healing and therapy compared to taking prescriptions and tablets. I have always believed that the body can heal itself if we give it the right conditions.

Plus, if I indeed had cancer, I would not decide to go on a chemotherapy. For why would I inject poison and destroy my already damaged body?

Thankfully, it was not breast cancer. But those times taught me a lot of lessons that I hope not to lose sight on.

  1. Stress is a killer. I think the lump was a result of emotional and mental stress that I suffered. I worked under a really stressful and emotional workplace one and a half year prior. I remember that I never did have peace every single day and night of those times.

  2. Money is not everything. I am a person who is very meticulous with her finances. I do not like to waste my hard earned money to the point that I deprive myself of certain things. For example, even if I crave for seafood, I do not buy because I always think of how expensive they are.

  3. Love those who love you and forget the rest. I have learned to acknowledge and reciprocate the love and attention some people give me. They are admittedly not a lot but they are real. I also make an effort to communicate more. The rest, I just smile and forget. 🙂

Also during these times I developed some really super eating habits. I am not saying that I only eat vegetables, fruits and other healthy stuffs. The moment I was sure that the lump was not something to be worried of, I ate everything that I wanted. I have fortunately maintained some health recipes that I continue to follow to this day.

  1. Lemon water.

    Lemons became a staple in my fridge. They are really effective in boosting the immune system. During this winter, almost all of my co-workers got flu and a coworker remarked that I was so healthy I never got the infection. 🙂

I have two recipes that I do together.

First is to just squeeze lemon on tap water and drink. This is by far the least complicated of all.

Second is I cut the lemon with their peels on and infuse them in water. After 2 days though, the water becomes bitter because of the peels. Also, I make sure that the lemons are organic because most lemons in the market are sprayed with some sort of chemicals that makes the peel not suitable for consumption. Not a lot of people are aware of these so it is important that we know if the lemons bought free from these chemicals. Otherwise, you might thing you are doing something good for your body but you are just giving your body some poison,

      1. Boiled lemons and ginger.

I just cut strips of ginger and slices of lemon and boil them for about 3 minutes and not more. This is like my tea only that I know exactly what is in my cup. 🙂 A full casserole with a big thumb of ginger and 2 lemons usually lasts me 2-3 days.

  1. Ginger and Lemon smoothie.

                  I make a smoothie from the ingredients below:

                                               * a whole lemon without peel and no seeds

                                               * 2 -3 small thumbs of peeled ginger

                                               * a cup of lactose-free milk

                                               * some honey

This makes about a cup of smoothie and it is really strong. This is also the least palatable of my three recipes but I guess the most healthy. What I do is I take 1-2 big gulps and put the rest in the fridge.

  1. Raw garlic and lemon shots.

    Now this is the hammer! The first 3 days that I took this shot I had to sit down for a few minutes in the couch to stabilize my larynx and lungs.

I grate a clove of garlic and let it sit for a 1-2 minutes on lemon juice. Everytime I make this I always summon all my courage to make me swallow. What I do is I gulp it down. Never ever attempt to chew it for the sake of your life.

Sometimes when I am travelling outside Switzerland, I feel like it is so difficult to eat healthy. The reason is that fast food joints are everywhere. I can control what I eat at home because I always cook our meals. When I am outside, I mostly eat carbohydrate-laden food and most are not even quality carbs.

It is not really being picky, but now that I am getting older, I can already feel the damages I have done to my body in my younger years.

Someone said that our body is like a machine. If we take care of it, it may last a long time without problems. I feel that this saying is really true now that I am getting old. 😛

So even if it is an effort, I make sure to do some things that benefits my health.

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