Milan Hotel Review: Radisson Blu vs Savona Suites 18

This is my independent and honest review of the two hotels that I have stayed on this year in Milan.

February of this year, we stayed for 5 days in Radisson Blu.

This hotel is already almost at the outskirts of Milan but with good bus and tram connections. Just a block away from the hotel is the nearest bus while in the other block is the nearest tram station.

The first thing I noticed while driving to the hotel were the endless line of cars that are parked along the streets.

Walking inside, the atmosphere of the hotel was very welcoming, subdued and classy. The receptionists speak English, Italian, German and French and were very polite and competent. There were refreshments at the lobby that guests can have while waiting; whether checking in or checking out.

We were able to check in early with no fuss and got our keys. Our room was in the newly renovated area of the hotel and the paint was still very strong. There was however no trace of that smell inside the room so all was good.

The room itself was very roamy. It has a really big bed with lots of space to walk around. There was a mini bar and a coffee machine that can be used for free. The style of the room was very minimalistic which I liked because it gave more space and the feeling that the room was not cluttered. There were just center pieces like a big lamp or that big wall mirror which were fitting to the whole room. Also, the bed was good. This is important because most beds are either too soft or too hard for sleeping.

The bathroom had lots of space. There was a bath tub as well as a separate shower. The lighting of the bathroom was also good in putting on make up so this was really a plus.

There was a wellness center also which I found really good. There was a pool which we had all for ourselves during our stay there. There was a complete fitness center which offered clean towels as well as water. Their fitness machines were also not tattered and looked overused like in some city hotels.

Then there was the sauna. They had two kinds of sauna actually and there were showers opposite the sauna so it was comfortable.

Also, there was a lounge where one can relax just inside the sauna complex.

Look how much space there is. The bed was also very comfortable and there was enough light and air in the room so it was good.
The bathroom was also big with much space for walking.
I got this photo from This is a part of their fitness center and it was a complete one, I guess.
This was the pool. It was not that big but it was good. Plus, we were the only ones who were there everytime we swim. :=)

Radisson Blu also offered parking space for if I am not mistaken 20 euros per night. It was expensive but I stressly recommend using their parking because of how dangerous the street parking is for your car.

The cars are packed like sardines in the streets and while walking there with my husband, we saw how a car who was trying to park its way just bumped the head of the the car from behind and bumped the rear of the car in front. We were shocked.

Also, the hotel will not take any responsibility whatever happens to your car if it is parked outside the hotel basement parking lot.

Radisson Blu Milan is a really good hotel if you are seeking a place where you can relax after a long day. The room is very comfortable, the atmosphere is relaxed and classy, the breakfast is really good and with variety.

The only thing that is not so good about this place is that the neighborhood is not so clean. We only found 2 good restaurants nearby and they were a bit expensive. I also mentioned that this is already in the outskirts so it is quite far from the city center where most of the actions happen.

However there is a good public transport connection so what you can do is take the bus or the tram and enjoy your whole day at the center and doing your itinerary and then come back to your hotel to chill. Their wellness area is open until 11pm so there is still ample time to relax.

However, if your idea of relaxation is having to drink away the night and party, it would be better that I introduce you to the second hotel that I would review for you.

July this year, we stayed in Savona Suites 18 for 4 days.

This hotel is near to everywhere. It is near the Navigli area where there are lots of good restaurants as well as the Milano Sport where one can go swimming. Restaurants and bars circle the periphery of the hotel. The Milan Cathedral area is just about 10 minutes tram ride. The location of this hotel is perfect. The atmosphere is very relaxed, casual, young and modern.

The hotel itself is just small. They do not offer parking so if you come with a car then you have to find a space along the streets. Thankfully, the block after the hotel has lots of street spaces for parking.

When reading the Tripadvisor review of this hotel, guests rave about the friendliness of the staff and it is indeed true. The receptionist are very friendly and with always a ready smile to give. The staff at the restaurant are attentive and always ready to help.

After checking in, we were led to the petite cafe / restaurant that is also open to outsiders by the way. There is a free refreshment and you can choose coffee, juices, or even wine.

A receptionist accompanied us to the room and showed us how things work. She was very friendly and told us that the reception is always open and we just have to call any time of the day.

Now to the hotel itself.

This is a boutique hotel that is typical Milano: I meant that it is stylish.

The reception is small, rectangular shape but it has some painting accent. The lobby connects the reception to the petite cafe and it is also tastefully designed. The art pieces display the name of whoever made them so I guess for art lovers, this is a good starting point for conversation.

Now let us go to our room. Let me try my best to describe it. It is quite narrow, rectangular shape. It is dark if the light is not opened and I actually felt claustrophobic because there was just not much space and air circulation.

They tried to ‘accentuate’ the room with some interesting pieces like books, 2 oriental vases, a photograph of the old building before it was transformed to this hotel and an old camera.

There was also a solitary sofa which was not really needed but I guess they needed to give a sort of a living area.. It only made the room more narrow actually.

The bed was a queen size and it was good. My problem again was how narrow the room was. And it was also dark. The curtain can be opened to allow more light though.

The bathroom was also small but it was okay. There is a shower but no bath tub but it was not a problem.

Our room was in 2nd floor and there is a walkway that has a view of the open lounge / bar where people can relax. The àpero is also held in this area. My husband and I are not alcohol / wine lovers so we did not go but we saw quite a people who were chilling there at night.

The breakfast was good. There was a white and a grain toast, a choice of spreads, a selection of muesli and 3 bowls of different fruits. There were some baked goods that were really a treat as they were super delicious.

The cafe staff asked us if we wanted coffee (cappucinno, machiatto, latte) or hot chocolate and they also can make eggs and sausage if we like. The eggs, sausage or pancakes are made after you order so it may take some time.

At first I was quite disappointed because the breakfast selection really looked so tiny compared to some hotels where they have like 5 stations. But it was really good. The staffs were attentive, the food was small but complete, plus if you like eggs or pancakes they make it for you.

This is the lobby. It looks very modern and young. I do not have an eye for art but I guess this is pretty. 😛
This is the view of the cafe from the lobby. On the wall are the artists who designed the cafe.
This is the room and the bed area. This is one of my complaints as the room look really narrow. When the curtains are closed, the room get very dark and felt like the air stand still. lol.
This is the bathroom. The shower is hidden but just from looking at it, one can see that it is really small. But for me this is okay as long as it is clean. A caution on glasses though. I never use glasses like this whenever I stay in hotels because a lot of them are not really properly washed. I mean, you do not see the housekeeper carry with her new sets of glasses right?
This is the lounge where people can chill and have their aperitiffs at night.

But what makes Savona Suites really a good choice is because of its location. It is not a hotel where you stay at your room the whole day so it is okay even if it is small. Just outside the hotel opposite is a gelato which was good. My tip though is to walk to your right and at the corner you will see a Gvsto cafe where they serve the best gelato in Milan. It is a must try really and I rave about it! The next time I go back to Milan, I might check in again in Savona Suites (even if I am claustrophobic) only because of this gelato shop. That is how good it is.

Also, just a block away on the opposite side from this gelato shop is a bar called Murphys Law. If you are into some Irish beer or cozy atmosphere, this is a place to go. This place was fully packed in Wimbledon Final between Federer and Djovic. It was really loud. Of course, my husband and I are quiet, shy people so we did not go but we saw the party from outside. It looked really fun.

Anyway, to wrap this up, you might ask me which is better between this two?

I would say that when it comes to amenities, hotel facilities, comfort and design, Radisson Blu wins for me. However, this is because I am a person who pampers herself. Someone who likes to spend lots of time in the pool, sauna, or spa.

But if you are a person of action with untiring energy to discover everything around you. And still have to enjoy your beer or wine at night, then Savona Suites would be more suitable for you.

I hope I was able to help. By the way, this is the gelato I was talking about. Super yummy!!

Grazzie millie and buena sera. 🙂

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