My birthday surprise: A massage gift from the husband.

Last month was my birth month and I had always told my husband that I did not want a gift. I do not place a lot of value on things anymore, they are just clutter to me. 😛

But of course, husbands want to give gifts. He said he has a gift for me and that I have to take a day off for it. Okay, I said. I wanted to have a cruise together and I have been blabbering about it for such a long time so I guess that was what he got me. (He hates cruises though.)

I had absolutely no excitement on the day that I was supposed to claim my gift. First is that, I did not know what to expect. I did not really think we will have a cruise because he hates cruises. He cannot stand sitting inside a boat for hours. The weather was also very  gloomy but he paid no attention to it so I knew that it is not some activity or travelling outside. I was thinking it would be watching the newly released Avengers in a movie theater in Zürich (because that was we were headed), but we already spoke about it days ago that we will just stream it sometime later over the internet. 

Plus the weeks before I was super tired because I worked a lot and slept always late. My energy was so low and this day was the only day in the week that I had no work. All I wanted was to sleep.

So we were in the car and we rode along the Zürich lake. I thought we will really cruise because he said the appointment is at 1400 and I saw a boat docked. Surely it was our boat. He said no. Urgh.

We then went for a parking space along the streets. Zürich is really super expensive. One can only park maximum of 2 hours for 7,50 chf. We saw another car that has a bill on its windshield for 40 chf because it was parked more than the allotted time. Crazy.

This is the street where we parked. This is just 1 block away from the Zürich lake.
This is the parking ticket machine that can also be found just along the street. One can pay using coins, credit card, of even via an app. It does not print a ticket. You can know how much time is left when you touch the number wherein your car if parked. 

So anyway he led me to a corner and we entered in what I thought was a store. Well, it was a Thai massage and spa center called Montra Lanna just a few blocks away from the lake and I was like, yes!! I would want a massage!  He presented a gutschein to the reception and I thought that we would be together, but the coupon was just for one. I was like, ohh.. I did not want to be enjoying alone, you know. 🙁 I guess it was very expensive. 

The massage was for 90 minutes and it was good but a bit brutal. The Thai who was doing the massage was very strong. However, she was really very professional. I have been to countless massage already in different places in the Philippines, in Thailand, in Spain and in Turkey and I would say that the most professional of them all was this woman in Montra Lanna, Zürich. She took her time doing the massage and  really did everything correctly. There was a time when she coughed and she apologized and went out briefly and when she came back, she was donning a breathing mask. She was quiet and let me enjoy the moment. She had also a soothing voice and spoke English although she rarely spoke and just did the massage quietly. 

I was impressed with her professionalism and the way she did not cheat with the time. She really gave me the 90 minutes of pure massage, did not talk a lot, and just let me enjoy. To be honest though, although it was the most expensive of all the massages that I had, it was not the best. 

That massage cost my husband 150 chf. Zürich price, I guess. I was really happy about my husband’s effort of giving me a ‘me’ time although I would rather that we had done it together. 

After the massage we still had 23 minutes of parking time so he said he could take a photo of me around the lake and in the vicinity. The weather was gloomy so I was not so excited about it. He took some photos of me and then I said we need to go back to our car or else we might get a penalty.

As you can see, the weather was so gloomy on this day.

My poor husband was so hungry waiting for me. I just gave him pancake for breakfast at about 10 and it was already 1700 so he was so hungry already. But he did not complain and maintained a very patient attitude while driving us home. I know it was really an effort. He is normally a monster when he is on the wheel while hungry. 😛

We then had a take out in a kebab store and headed home. I so appreciated his effort for me on this day. Times like these, I feel so lucky being married to him. 😛



Thank you for reading. ‘Til next time 🙂



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