My experience with Aliexpress Online Shopping

Some months ago, a Swiss co-worker and I were talking about online shopping and she was raving about Aliexpress. Aliexpress is an online shop that is based in China. This is the company that was founded by the famous Jack Ma. It is sort of like Amazon or Ebay where sellers post their their goods in their online stores inside the Aliexpress website. 

Anyway, she said that the site is good and very cheap and that she always shop there.  So I said I will give it a try.

On April 14, I shopped and paid for 15 different summer articles (dresses, bikinis, a pair of sandal, a small sling bag, and pair of sunglasses) These are from different stores within the Aliexpress app. Setting up the payment is pretty straight forward. They needed my  physical address where they would ship the goods to as well as an email and a telephone number. I had an option to save my credit card information for future shopping which of course I declined for security reasons.

From the 15 shops, one store (Mythos Store was the name of the shop) cancelled my order and promised to return the money in 3 days. After 3 days, I received an email that apologizes and asks for patience and said that they would return the money soon. I have not still checked if it is already back in the card.

The remaining 14 shops confirmed my payment and sent the orders one after the other. 

Today, 13 days after payment, I received the first shipment which is the sandal from CUCULUS SATURATUS Official Store. I paid 9 chf for the sandals and I guess I am satisfied with the product. I did not pay anything in Swiss customs or experienced any discomfort with this order at all. The cheapest sandal that I bought here in Switzerland was I think 12 chf from H&M. I only got lucky though with it otherwise 12 chf for a shoes in Switzerland is very uncommon. So I would say I was able to save on something that I would actually use in the coming days.

The sandal is pretty, I might add. I put in my size in my order and I got the exact size, the correct color and sandal model just exactly as was in the picture. The sandal is also quite comfortable to wear. It is really the same as what I would normally buy in Switzerland for just a cheaper price. Plus this Cuculus Saturatus Official store ships their goods fast. They also have good reviews on the site which is a real help for their future customers.

aliexpress review
This is the sandal that I bought from Aliexpress. I would say it was exactly what I imagined it would be. It is comfortable to wear and looks prety enough.

So how do you place an order in Aliexpress then?

First is download the Aliexpress app (one can also shop in their website but then they would encourage you to download their app).

You can then search for the articles that you wish to shop. Just put them in your shopping cart then proceed to payment.

After this is the waiting game. When you go to your account and click the ‘Orders’ category you will see sub-categories ‘Zu versenden’ (to be sent) and ‘Ausgeliefert’ (Sent). The orders that are not yet processed by the store will be in the ‘to be sent’ category. Once the store has processed and sent your oders, it will be on the ‘sent’ category. In this category, you can track your order so you know exactly where your package is.

For example, when I tracked this order sandal from Cuculus Store, it said that the package has arrived in the local post and will be delievered soon. True enough, at the end of the day, the package is already in my mail box. Of course, Switzerland post office is very efficient and they deliver mails and packages normally within the very day that the packaged arrived in the local branch.

This shows where  your package currently stands. Here it means that the package is ready for shipment. It also shows at about when do you expect the arrival of your package at your doorstep.


Here shows the the delivery is finished and successful. This is the day that I received the package on my mail box.
And this is the notification that the package is already in my local post office.



I am still waiting for the rest of my orders but all in all I am actually impressed with the shopping experience from Aliexpress. One store has cancelled an order but the other 14 pushed through so I guess that statistics rating is very good. 

Of course Aliexpress has a lot of suppliers or ‘stores’ so it is important to read reviews first before you buy. As much as possible, buy them from stores that have really good reviews and comments to avoid some headaches in your shopping.


I would recommend Aliexpress for those budget conscious customers like me. If you do not mind the waiting, this is really a good one to try.



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