My experience with Interdiscount Repair Service

I just have a new phone after not having one for almost 3 weeks (17 days to be exact). My 6 months old Samsung blacked out on me and I was hoping that I could have it back repaired but alas, that was not the case. 

I bought that phone from Interdiscount last April this year. Admittedly the phone was accidentally dropped many times over but everything had been working perfectly fine. Then one day while I was at work, it just blacked out. It was still on guarantee so I brought it to Interdiscount. I asked the man what could be the problem and what should I do. He said that he will send the phone to Samsung Service Center and that I will receive a notification either by phone, email, or snail mail. He got my details and everything went fast and smooth. 

Fast forward a week later, I received a mail about my inquiry. It stated what was the problem, what caused the problem, that the problem was caused by me and that they will not be paying for the repair because it was my fault. Okay that was fair. But then it continued.. 

I had 3 courses of action according to the letter: 1st was that they  would repair the phone for 280 chf; 2nd was that they would dispose the broken phone and it would cost me 80 chf; and 3rd they would give my phone back to me unrepaired and it would cost me 80 chf. Should I not respond to the mail I would still be paying 80 chf. This 80 chf was for the handling/checking of the phone. 

However, should I buy a new phone from them this 80 chf will be waived as it will be applied as sort of a discount on the new phone. 

When I read the letter I was obviously shocked. I did not know and was not informed that I have this responsibility should the phone’s problem was  not to be covered by the guarantee. 

So the next day, I went to the store and complained. My only defense was that I did not have this information before I gave my phone for repair. I admit that it could be really my fault why the phone has stopped functioning because I let it fall many times over. But still this information of paying 80 chf should be clear to me from the very beginning. 

Unfortunately however, the person who I talked to there was just nonchalant about it all. She kept on repeating that they were not technicians and that they could not of course know what was wrong with the phone. I told her that I should have been informed about the fixed fee before they got my details but she just ignored what I was trying to say and coldly informed me that I should just write a complaint. 

I was already very disappointed but she made it really worse. I was a customer but she just  brushed me away as unimportant. So I wrote a complaint directed to as per her directive. 

Honestly, I have already decided before I went there that I would just buy a new phone.  That 80 chf was already quite a side issue. I just wanted to be heard and let out my frustration about that letter because for me it felt like a blackmail. That I had no choice, no power of my own to decide IF I should buy a new phone and where I should buy it. It just had to be in Interdiscount or else goodbye 80 chf. I am a very frugal person and I do not like losing money where it is not necessary. 

First of all, something was very wrong about this fixed fee. 

I mean, why should the customer pay for a phone’s disposal? In Switzerland, you just go to the store to dispose your old electronics for free. 

Granted that the cause of a damaged phone was the customers, he still should be informed how the process would go and not just be sent a letter demanding a payment of so and so.

Anyway I made this post to warn people should they plan to send their phone for repair in Interdiscount. Make sure to ask for any hidden fee to avoid some bad situations. 

I bought my new phone in Interdiscount but this would be the last time they would get something from me. Never again will I patronise that store. For my next electronics needs I would rather try Media Markt which is Interdiscount’s direct competitor or online stores such as Galaxus or Microspot. 

And by the way I bought a Huawei phone this time and browsing online, there were a lot of stores that sell the same phone model for cheaper price than what I paid for.  What a schade! 

And also to end, I wrote a complaint in Interdiscount customer service and 5 working days later, I am still waiting for a response. And they were supposed to be awarded best in customer service some years prior. I guess the customer service quality had gone a lot downhill from there.




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