My first solo trip: Laussane

I still remember those days. I was always in a bad mood because my husband had zero desire to do some city sightseeing. I mean, I am in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I am stuck in the 4 corners of our apartment (well, that would be an exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

So one day, I just bought a daypass online and picked a city in Switzerland. It was Lausanne. My first solo travel.

From our house to the train station was a 15 minutes easy walk. It would take me almost 3 hours to arrive in Laussane, and because I read that one can cross to the French border just from the city, I told myself to also go see a part of France. 

My husband bid me well and wished me a good day. To your adventure, he said!

Train travel was good but uneventful. I saw the rolling mountains and occassional valleys, quiet houses and empty streets in the early Swiss morning.

As the train progressed, I started to see more vineyards and the people around me seemed to have started speaking in French.

I became excited and at the same time apprehensive. How could I navigate my way in a city where I do not understand anything at all? Oh well, I can speak basic German, I reassured myself. 

My train arrived in Lausanne and it was raining. Everything screamed French and I did not understand anything. I might have exited in the wrong part of the train station and I could not find any semblance of my surroundings.

I walked strainght, then left, then straight again, then right and I was lost. I had no direction and had no purpose. This was the first time I was lost without really being lost because hey, there was no danger right?

So I told myself that this was what I wanted. Enjoy the walk, see the colorful buildings, smile and maybe talk to some friendly face and ask for some direction.

It was horrible not knowing where you go, I realized. Add to that it was raing hard and I was still to find a store where I could buy an umbrella. Yes, I really exited on the wrong part of the train station because everywhere I went were just houses and apartments and offices.

I wanted to see the lake. While walking, I saw a part of a sea and I walked into that direction. I walked maybe a good 2-3 kilometers before I was able to ask someone in mixed, broken German and English and pointed me to the covered train station. I think they call it metro. I was walking alongside it never knowing that it was my savior from the rain.

So I arrived in Ouchy Olympique. It is the name of the area where one can see the lake. This is also where one can cross the border to France. The park is actually very nice. It was still beautiful even with the drizzling of rain. I saw some joggers around. I guess the place would be so full on a good summer day.

Here are some photos I took of this day.

This is what they call metro. There is no ‘metro’ in the German-speaking part of Switzerland; we only have trains, trams and buses. 😀
It would be fun to play giant board games in a warm , sunny day instead of in a cold rainy day. 😀
These flags stood melancholy in a gloomy weather but somehow they still look interesting.
The city looked so verloren in the early part of the day.
One of the many streets that I bumped myself into. The buildings somehow reminded me of castles because of their architecture.
I think this is the part of the city where I saw a hotel and an embassy. Looking through the photos, I felt reliving the feelings I had while walking those streets. 
The city looked really somber after a rain but somehow still so beautiful.
This is the street on the corner of the sea, just beside the metro. Restaurants line up on this part of the city.
I thought this fountains look so pretty even on such a gloomy day.
I was so laughing at the memory because since I was alone, I had to find some way to have a photo of me taken.
So benches are perfect when you have nobody to take a photo for you.
There are boats that are docked with castles as background. What a perfect look.
And the trees line up and before you is the calmness of the sea.

I would not forget this day and I will certainly be back. I wanted to write about my experience in crossing the border to France but maybe in another post then.


Thank you for reading. 🙂

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