NIVEA and ISANA: my super beauty finds

Winter is gruesome to my skin. I get flakes at the sides of my nose, at my lower eyebrow lids and even dandruffs in the area where my hair lines begin.

I have tried a lot really. The best serum I have tried is from DIOR and it was really a super cream but it also comes with a super price. I think it was the DIOR One Essential serum. I had it as a gift but never purchased it afterwards because I found it really expensive. I was not prepared to work for 2 days for just a cream.

So when the bottle was empty, I tried Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum because a friend swears by the product. The bottle was quite expensive but I bought it because I can see the result on her skin. I know that she had been using it since as far as I can remember. Sadly it just did not work on my skin. My face still felt dry and stretchy after using the bottle halfway.

When I visited my German grandmother in Cologne, we talked about creams and she swears by Oil of Olay. She said that when she was younger she just used Nivea cream. She blabberred about how it is all just marketing and cheap ones do not really necessarily mean bad ones.

I first saw her bottle of Oil of Olay 5 years ago when I first visited her so I know that it is her cream. Well I would really say she has a good skin to be envious of.

I also used Oil of Olay when I was still in the Philippines and I did find it good. I think it was the Olay that says on the label that it fights 7 signs of skin aging.

So I thought why not.

Today, waking up with a really dry and flaky skin, I told myself I would go again and try Nivea or Oil of Olay.

I bought Nivea because I guess I should start with Nivea first, it being the most ‘basic’ of creams out there. I also picked up a body cream from Rossmann called ISANA Shea and Cacao Butter because I just finished up my Dove Body Lotion the other night and I wanted to try another.

Yes, I am not really not that loyal up until this point when it comes to body creams. I mean, my body is not as sensitive as my face and there are just too many options out there for body creams that I want to try them all. Lol.

After showering, I first lather on the Nivea cream on my face and I mean really lather on. That is how dry my skin really feel. I then tried on the ISANA body cream. My oh my was I really surprised!

First thing is Nivea. Well as you can imagine, my face looks so white, creamy / oily as of the moment. Good thing that my husband is busy and will be busy for the next 3 hours so I guess the cream would be absorbed already by my skin by then. So no worries there.

I then opened the jar of ISANA Shea and Cacao butter and the first thing I notice was the smell of heavenly chocolates. It smells so rich and good that I wanted to eat my legs. Also, the butter is absorbed fast by my skin. I mean, just after putting on the cream, I immediately sat on my computer and typed. I think it was just 2 minutes or so when the feeling of ickiness was gone. But the scent remains still on my hands which I find really good.

And how much did it cost me? Certainly not an arm and a leg. Nivea in 150 ml was just 2 chf and ISANA Body Butter 500ml was just a little over 3 chf. I can see that I would be using up the bottle in atleast 2 months. I am not so spendthrift with portioning my creams that is why. Otherwise, the jars could last up to 6 months more or less.

The girly girl in me feel really happy as of the moment. I have this prognosis that my dry, stretchy skin would be solved in a few days. Plus, I did not spend a fortune on a girls’ basic necessity. That is certainly a frank more saved. 🙂


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