Public Mini Library in Fislisbach, Switzerland

Fislisbach is a small municipality about 10 minutes from the city of Baden. We have been living here for about 3 years now.

It was only just a few months ago though, that I discover this mini library cabin just outside the municipal building. Actually, I have already noticed this big box just outside the entrance to the hall but I did not really think about it then.

One day day though, I saw an old man who was rummaging something inside, I got curious and found out that it was a mini library. I told myself to come back the next time.

So I did. It was a small piece of free heaven.

Apparently, people can bring their used books there and can then ‘borrow’ or take home whatever books that they would want to read. The plan is super because people here in Switzerland like to clean up their house every once in a while so they needed some place to ‘throw’ their unneeded things.

I also have a lot of unneeded books in our house and I badly needed space. It was perfect for me. I ‘donated’ my books and then borrow some novels that I wanted to read. I already borrowed 3 books from the cabin library and I am loving it.

Because the books come from the public, the category is diverse. I see lots of novels  from popular contemporary authors like Sidney Sheldon, Robert Lodlum and John Grisham to Shakespeare and Jane Austen. There are cookbooks, autobiographies, bible, collection of poems, etc. I only saw books in German though.

This is my little piece of heaven because I like to read. Also, this is a big opportunity to improve my German language.

Whoever thought of this project should be given an award. 😛

This is what it looks like. It is just small actually but it does have a great collection and variety, People continually bring fresh books so the options change continually.
Me reading a John Grisham book. 🙂

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