Put down that Mobile Phone if you want to be happy.

I worked in the hospitality industry for quite sometime and there is nothing more sad than seeing people, instead of enjoying the company of one another, are instead engrossed in communication with an entity who is not there at the moment.

This is what I always tell my husband. How sad it is that people are no longer living in their present, in their here and now.

I am proud to say that I am not a difficult wife. I am actually very easy peezy. My husband has lots of time for himself before I start to require his attention. When he comes home from work, I give him space, attend to his needs and do my own thing.

However, letting my husband have too much freedom also nugs deep in me. When given this unlimited free pass, he will just be on this phone from the moment he arrives home until the moment he sleeps.

He eats while on his phone. He goes to the bathroom with his phone. He walks around the house glued to his phone. I always tell him, the life around you just pass you and you have not at all lived. Time passes you, youth passes you, You dream of retirement in some distant time but when you go there you will realize you have squandered a big amount of your life.

And for what? To be one of the best Clash of Clans player out there? Will it really bring you joy to see your account on top 50 in exchange of the precious time when you could have done something else?

But really I cannot and will not change him. I met him in this condition. He needs to see the futility of his condition and he needs to want to change. I cannot do that for him.

Of course, I can nag, I can push and pull him, I can do all the other things that a pushy wife will do and he will surely do it. If only to appease me.

But I do not want to do it because I want to give him the respect of choosing his way. It is his life and although I have better ideas, these ideas should come from him and not from me.

What I can do is change me. And even I am still a work in progress. If I want him to see the futility of being a prisoner of his mobile phone, I should also be free of this prison myself. For how can I want him to stop doing something when I myself is guilty of doing the very same thing?

In a way, this is really the malady of our time. Everywhere I go, people would rather look at their phones than see the beauty around them. They would rather watch videos of people enjoying their lives on social media while they themselves rot in the monotony of their lives.

I mean, instead of watching these people live their lives to the fullest, why not go out there yourself and have fun? Instead of sitting on your couch alone watching happy videos of some other, go out and walk, talk to someone, feel the air and the warmth of the sun. Breathe, run, cry, laugh. Anything just not sit down on some corner, on your own little prison.

It is a pandemic, really. And we seem to be powerless to break away. And it is extremely sad.

Yes, everyone now is just a tip on the fingertips. Everyone can be reached easily and instantly. But why are still so much loneliness in our time? It seems that the more people seem connected, the more that they feel, when all the bushes and bashes are over, really alone?

Breaking away takes a full, violent, and conscious effort. And the prize is you get a chance to really see life as it unfolds.

But there would always be those who are destined to be sheeps in this entirety of things.

Which one would you rather be?


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