Review of Schwarzkopf Glisskur Total Repair Express Conditioner

    I found a wonderful hair treatment product just about 2 months ago and am now in my 2nd purchase. 

    Just a quick background about my hair though.

    My hair is frizzy and thick, unmanageably dry and a total mess without using the iron. So I end up ironing my hair ever 3 days or so. The end effect is of course, a drier hair.

    I have tried a lot of leave-on conditioners out there and though there are many that may have worked, I have honestly never really made a second purchase. Either that the scent is too strong, the oil / spray too sticky or wet, or just maybe I felt that it did not really work for me so I did not bother buying it again.

    So I am over the moon when one day, I get  my hand on GlissKur Total Repair Express-Repair-Conditioner ( 200 ml ). Why do I love this product? Let me count the ways. 🙂

    1. It has a really mild, clean scent. This is very important for me because I cannot breathe well after exposing myself in strong scents. 
    2. It is cheap and thus easy on the budget. It costs just around 5 dollar per 200 ml and it lasts long even after daily generous use.
    3. It works. It conditions my hair and preps it before and after I style my hair. (I only just usually iron my hair).
    4. It is not at all sticky. Most hair oils out there make me look so shiny because my hair looks so wet, stiff, and shiny.

    What does Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur promises?

    From the bottle, it says that it has keratin and that it deeply repairs the hair. The effects that can be seen and felt are that the hair would be easy to comb, it is soft and it has shine on it without being oily.

    In my experience, I just shampoo my hair and not use a hair conditioner anymore. After I towel dry my hair, I spray a generous amount of Glisskur and voila, when I comb my hair, they are not tangled and thus less hair breaks. :==) So this is where my excitement really comes. Finally a hair treatment miracle that is affordable and really works.

    I highly recommend this product. Below is a link where this can be purchased from just 5 dollars.

    I hope you try this wonderful product and be convinced yourself about its benefits to your dry hair.

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