Rheinfalls Schafhaussen in Switzerland


A friend came to visit Switzerland and we reserved an SBB gemeinde tageskarte which would allow travel by bus, train and ship anywhere in Switzerland until its borders for a day. SBB is the public transportation network of Switzerland. They own the railways, buses and most ships that operate in Switzerland. An SBB tageskarte is a ticket that lets you use this network for a full day.

This is called a gemeinde tageskarte which a resident can reserve and buy from his place of residence. There is a limited number of tickets available per day so usually, tickets are booked weeks or even months in advance.

We decided to visit the Rheinfalls in Schafhaussen because it is just near our place and we’ve seen pretty pictures of it in the internet.

The Rheinfalls is the largest waterfall in Switzerland and Europe. It is located somewhere between Zürich and Schafhaussen. One can go the Rheinfalls via SBB train and just stop at either Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall or Neuhaussen am Rheinfall. Both of which lead directly to the waterfall.

This is the train that we rode from Baden. We got down at Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall station.

From Baden, where we came from, Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall was just an 1 hour and 30 minutes ride, or about 45 minutes train ride from Zürich.  

Once we got to the Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall station, the roars of waterfall can be heard and seen and we got really excited. It is already  mid-spring so that weather is really cool and comfortable for sight seeing.

From the train station, one can go up to the schloss, a german word for castle, via a panoramic lift. The lift is basically a clear glass that would allow the passengers to have a full view of the waterfall and its’ surroundings. 

This is the panoramic lift where one can have a full view of the surroundings.


The castle is just a normal, stone walls just above the rock formations that can be seen from the railways. Unfortunately, we did not go inside as we did not have much interest about its history 😛

A good view on top of the castle

However, from the schloss, there is a passageway that would take you to the Erlebnis Weg (English: Experiece Path) that is a trail that wind up just around the waterfall where you can walk and get wet from the surging waters.

This is a part of the Erlebnis Weg viewed from the castle above.

We the went down a wooden stairway to the lake and take a boat trip. 

This is where people buy their tickets for the boat trips. The  red boat takes the passengers to the other side where the blue and yellow boats have their terminals.
This is the information about the boat trips.
This is on the other side of the lake where terminals for the yellow and blue boats are situated. Note that each ticket has a predetermined time so as to make sure that each boat trip is not overcrowded.

There are 3 types of boats that go by the waterfall.

The yellow boat is called the Felsenfahrt with Panoramic sights. It is a 40 minutes boat ride that would stop in the middle of the waterfall and let people out of the boat and climb the waterfall path for pictures and sight seeing.

The red boat is called the Rheinüberfahrt which means that the boat will just take you to the other side of the lake but not to the waterfall itself.

The blue boat is called Kleine Rundfahrt which is a 25 minutes boat ride that would take you near the waterfall but will not stop to let the passengers climb the waterfall path for the panoramic view.

We took the Kleine Rundfahrt because I thought that the difference between the blue and the yellow one was just the time. I did not know at first that the yellow one would let the passengers actually stop at the waterfall.

Our boat near the Rheinfall.
A photo of me while on the blue boat very near the waterfall.
James enjoying the scenery of the Rheinfalls. You can see how powdery white the waterfall is.
An old castle near the waterfall where restarants and small museums are situated.


There is also another way to take a photo of the waterfall the nearest possible without actually being in the yellow boat. 

One can take the red boat and cross the other side and from there, just walk until you get to the big stones where the falls end. There is a small bridge that would let you nearer.

So going back to the small boat cruise, I would say that the waterfall was amazing. The waves are pure white, even looks like melted snow in its whiteness.  Also, be prepared to get a little bit wet as the boats really go near the waterfall and you can get pelts of water on you.


After the boat ride, there are lots of activities that one can have. One can go hiking as there are lots of trails in the vicinity. One can also do some picnic although I am not sure if swimming is allowed. There is also an adventure park (link here) that one can check out. There is a train express at the other side of the lake where the boat terminals are, that one can ride and do some sightseeing. Unfortunately, we were not able to do these things because we did not have much time.

If you are travelling and have some hours to kill before the flight back home, a side trip to the Rheinfall would be a good idea. From the Zürich Airport, Schafhaussen is just a 46 minutes train ride. For train schedule, just consult the sbb website.

I hope I encouraged you to give the Rheinfall in Schafhaussen a thought for your next vacation. Thank you for reading.



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