Shopping and Sightseeing in Lindos Town, Greece.

    Lindos is one of the old towns in Rhodes Island in Greece that is about 50 kilometers South from Rhodes City center. 

    The Lindos town, however is just 4.5 kilometers from our hotel so we wanted to see it and do some shopping. 

    From the bus, we saw the famous Acropolis but we were not able to actually climb there because it rained that day.  We were fortunately lucky enough to see the old town well before the rain began. 

    From the bus stop at Lindos is the town a steep, 900 meters, downhill walk. The stunning view of the old town overlooking the sea is pure beauty. 

    My first impression of the town is that it is a shopping souvenir paradise within white-walled facades. The streets are pretty and dainty. There are some vine canopy on certain streets and you can somehow always see some ‘Greek-looking house, castle, or Chapel at the background. 

    There were a lot of people shopping (mostly Germans and British people from the language that I heard). A store assistant told us that we are quite lucky that it is not high season anymore otherwise the streets would be brimming with tourists. The streets are mostly narrow so it would be a foot traffic challenge for some. 

    Along the streets are shops that sell mostly souvenirs from Greece, restaurants and cafes, smoothie stands as well as ice cream/sorbets shops. There are some small supermarkets also. Otherwise that is it. There are no barbershops nor cellphone shops (I was looking for a cellphone casing but there is unfortunately none).  

    We walked further from the shopping center and found some really nice spots overlooking the sea beneath the town. I read in Google that the Acropolis can be reached from the somewhere here but we were not able to do so. 

    Walking the streets in this town is a sort of a fitness test because the streets go uphill and then downhill and then go up again.  If you get tired of walking or is not prepared to take on this task, then a donkey ride would be a great excuse. At the entry part of the shopping center, you can find a donkey stable just beside the main street and a tour costs just 12 euros.  I felt pity for the donkeys actually but I guess they are part of the attractions of this town. Every country has one anyway: there are the elephants in Thailand, horses in the Philippines, etc. So I guess Lindos has its beloved donkeys to offer. 

    Lindos is just a tiny town so for a tourist, a visit is already enough. There are lots of interesting-looking restaurants and cafes along the way so they sure add charm and a chance to experience Greece. 



    This is just near the entry part of the town. There are lots of souvenir shops all around and the area is actually quite busy with tourists even if it is not high season anymore.


    This is a view from the front of the town, just after a steep, downhill walk from the bus station. There are benches there where people can sit and enjoy the view.


    This is taken from a street just a further walk from the town center. From this vintage, tourists can view the town and the beach as well as the backdrop mountains.


    This is one of the many restaurants/bars that are tucked in the quiant, Lindos streets.


    A photo of some souvenirs that can be brought there. A lot of these look really well-made and stunning. I even saw a ceramic souvenir shop that sell Greek heroes/gods figurines.


    This is where I bought the pistachio ice cream. I saw at least 4 ice cream shops there.


    A photo of the donkeys waiting for some tourists to tour. The animals look well taken care of. There is a stable where more donkeys can be seen waiting. But I really hope that this task is not stressful for them. 


    This is one of the two restaurants before you enter the town. The place is actually quite full. The ambiance is for sure really nice as you can enjoy your Greek food while looking at a pretty, Greek beach.


    This is one of the streets in the town. It looks really old and has lots of stories in its walls. I could actually imagine those Greek goddesses walking on these very street just like how I see them in the movies. 


    This is a short pause from the hilly part of the town. It is at this time also that the rain started to pour. 🙁


    While in the town, I saw some ice cream shops and I tried my favorite pistachio ice cream. A scoop costs 1.50 euros. Unfortunately I already have a high bench mark when it comes to ice creams and sadly, I was not really astounded by Greek ice cream. What I bought was just meeeh. The ice cream from our hotel tastes just the same, also a meeh. For me, the best ice cream is still the one in Milan. (article link here). Ice cream shops since then have been below the standard. 🙁

    But back to Lindos, if you happen to be visiting Rhodes Island in Greece, a trip to this town is definitely recommended. 




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