Side Jobs in Switzerland

Here are a list of possible side jobs in Switzerland for people who may or may not have any formal education in Switzerland.

1. Cleaner.

This is I guess the easiest job that one who has no education can have. You can apply for this job as long as you can understand some very basic German/French/Italian. Otherwise, there are also clients who would bend over backwards and speak to you in English. The average salary of a cleaner ranges from 20 chf to 30 chf per hour depending on your experience.

Here are some sites that you can look for possible cleaner jobs.



2. Babysitter / Nanny

You can also be a babysitter without an Ausbildung or formal training in Switzerland if you can prove that you can do the job. Examples are; you are yourself a mother with a little child and would like to accept other children while you raise up your own children. Also, if you have experience with children in your home country then you could also put that in your application and a lot of parents will consider you.

There is however a language requirement for this job. You are to be able to communicate in the language that the parents want. A lot of parents though, look for English-speaking babysitters / nannies so that their children can also be bilingual.

Here are some sites you can look for possible babysitter/ nanny jobs


3. Pet sitters.

Basically your job is to care for the pets when the owner is lightly incapacitated or has no time to do the necessary work.

For example, you will walk the dog at certain times of the day, sit and care for the cats, dogs, or other pets while they are on vacation and so on. This only requires that you have love for animals or atleast the willingness to care for them.

Here are some sites that you can look for possible petsitter jobs.


Some side jobs with qualification

4. Tutoring Jobs

If you are knowledgeable in certain sunjects, you can certainly work as tutors. A lot of parents or even students look for extra help with their difficult subjects. You can tutor German and English grammar, Mathematics, Economics, or just any subjects that you can know.

Here are some sites you can look for possible tutor jobs.





5. COOPLE Jobs (

This is the latest that I have discovered. There are Swiss companies who lack manpower or staffs for certain days or weeks that they need to fill up immediately. Jobs like auditing, cashiering, salesman/saleslady, cook and dishwashers, waiters and waitresses, promotion jobs, modeling jobs, and all other odd jobs.

COOPLE is a website which posts a list of these jobs that you only need to click and apply. Once you get hired, you will receive a call and a contract by email. Your payment will be sent to your bank account.

Basically, you download their app and create a profile. You then upload your resume, work credentials, permit to work if you are a foreigner or an ID if you are a citizen and then your bank account details.

Your salary is all in accordance with the regulations in Switzerland. The deductions as well as your vacation entitlement, sick days, and other benefits are also accordingly applied.

You automatically contribute to AHV (state pension in old age), ALV (unemployment benefit). IV (disability benefit). Depending on your work permit, your taxes are either withheld at source or you declare it yourself in the income tax that you file each year.

Nowadays, when less and less full time jobs are being offered by companies, it is becoming necessary to have some side hustles or a second job to augment the household income. So it is imperative that we become creative and resourceful with time and effort we have.

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