Simple tips to feel pretty

Instant tips to feel pretty

  1. Take a quick cold shower.

    A cold shower energizes our body and somehow lifts up our emotions. It almost feels like a fresh start.

  1. Lather on a smoothing lotion.

    A fresh, beautiful scent contributes on making us feel good.

  1. Trim those brows.

    A trimmed, shaped brow does wonders on our face. It instantly brightens our face making us pretty.

  1. Get rid our those fine moustache.

    Some women have a slight moustache but some have them really noticeable. A clean, hair-free face looks feminine, delicate and ultimately prettier.

  1. Do some effort with your hair.

    Whether you have straight, fine hair, or bushy, wavy hair like mine, give your hair some care. You can straigthen your bushy hair or put some leave-on conditioner. Or you can do some braid, or put on hair ornaments. Hair is an important part of our appearance so give it some effort.

  2. Go bathe in the warmth of the sun

    Sun rays gives good energy. Take advantage of the early morning rays.

Also when you go out, don’t forget to put on some make up. A good make up polishes our look and gives us an appearance of being alert and confident. It also shows to the world that we prepared and we can take matters into our own hands. I read a study once that people rated women with make up higher in terms of attractiveness.

Some long term solutions.

If you are constantly having those blah days, it may be that you are suffering from depression, It is recommended that you see a psychologist / doctor who might know the underlying cause. It may be that you lack some hormones or certain vitamin or mineral in your body and that can be professionally addressed.

Otherwise, you may intuitively know why you are sad. It may be because of your weight, your current stress, or a feeling of being alone.

One great way to combat loneliness / feeling of ugliness is to exercise. I can attest to the effectiveness of this route myself. Having also undergone a phase in my life when I was very much lonely, felt ugly and depressed.

When we exercise, our body releases good hormones and our brain is distracted from our own negative thoughts. A bonus is that we get to have some tight, toned, killer bodies.

Otherwise, if you are just having a normal blah day, those instant tips above might help.

Your welcome sister. 🙂

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