Swiss Grocery Stores Review: MIGROS Supermarket

This is the second part of a series of my Swiss Grocery Stores Review.

This time I will be writing my thoughts about  the Migros Supermarket.

Just like COOP, Migros is a national Swiss coopertive, a group that caters to almost all facets of life here in Switzerland. Some big names that can be seen all over the country are part of the Migros Group of Companies.

Some of the members of the group are the following; Hotel Plan, Migros Bank, DennerEx Libris, Galaxus AG, Interio AG, Globus, Migrolino, etc. They also have their own product brands that are sold exclusively in Migros supermarket and exclusive distributors  such as Aproz, Chocolate Frey, Micarna, Midor, Saviva, M Industry in Japan, Canada, and USA. 

Just like COOP also, they have a points system where shoppers can earn a CUMULUS point whenever they shop in any Migros group of companies. Every month, Migros sends a shopper a coupon with the amount of money/points they have earned for the period.  

What makes Migros a good supermarket?

Since this is a review basically of the supermarket itself and not the whole group, I will try to focus on the supermarket aspect. What makes Migros supermarket different / better than the other supermarkets here in Switzerland?

One thing that I notice whenever I enter Migros in every branch is that the workers are friendlier and more willing to help the customers. The cashiers give a warmer, more pleasant feeling and although there is apparent stress, they do not seem to vent them on to the shoppers. The atmosphere in any Migros supermarket is also lively and there is much conversation going on. I am a foreigner so I can see that the people who shop in Migros know each other and they seem to see each other regularly. (Unless of course in the branches in the train stations / big cities / airports where obviously there are more diverse people going).

Now to the prices.

There is a wide and open public opinion here in Switzerland that Migros and COOP go head to head with which is the biggest / number 1 supermarket. I always read and hear from a lot of people that COOP is more expensive than Migros though.

Let us take a common product such as milk and compare it with COOP. 

An M Budget, 2L Full Milk from Migros costs 1,95 chf while COOP has 1.94 chf for a Prix Garantie Full Milk also so its pretty much the same.

Migros has milk brands such as Soja Drink (Nature and Calcium 1.90/L),  UHT Terrasuisse (1.65 chf/L), BIO full milk 1.80 chf /L, M Budget 1.95 chf/ 2L), Valflora (1.30 chf/L), AHA Lactose free 1.95 chf/L), Leger Milk 1.45 chf /L), OH High Protein 2.45 chf/L), Rice Milk lactose free, almonds, calcium, coconut , quinoa 1.75-3.30 chf/L), different Alnatura milk flavors (2.20-3.3- chf/L), Vita and Calcium Milk 1.75 chf/L).

The fresh vegetables and fruits section of Migros is also cheaper compared to COOP. perhaps depending on the branch but in our city, Migros has a wider variety /price options when compared to the COOP branch.

There is however one area that Migros does not have and COOP has and that is the kiosk. In COOP, one can buy sbb train tickets, lotto, cigarettes, newspapers and this is a big plus. 

I am actually a member of Migros cooperative and I have voting rights. Whenever there is a thing to be decided, Migros sends me a voting paper that I can deposit in any Migros branch and then I receive a thank you chocolate bar. It makes me feel involved.

To end this post, I would say that I like Migros. It gives an image, through its workers, that it is a fair company and that they treat its workers well. Otherwise they will be grumpy and ultimately pass them on to the shoppers.

Migros also has a good reputation here in Switzerland. A lot of the Swiss people that I work with usually are ‘Migros Kind‘ or Migros baby and they really patronize their local Migros.

I also go a lot in Migros because it is near our home and that I just feel good and welcomed whenever I enter the store. I guess this is the biggest reason why I do like this supermarket.




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