Thailand Memories

We went to Thailand almost 3 years ago already but somehow, I still want to talk about it.

I meet a lot of Thais here in Switzerland. I actually pity some of them because a lot of people (old men) equate Thais with illicit sex or sexuality. Of course they also think like that with Filipinas but I think that it is more prevalent with Thais.

I see a lot of erotic advertisements in newspapers about Thai massage. Also, when men approach me, they ask if I am Thai. Just to say in general and based on my own feelings and perception, lots of European mean think that Asians are ‘easy to get’ and most of these men automatically think that these Asians are Thais. 

I experience lots of this ‘discrimination’ here but I learned to live with it and go with the flow. I mean, if a man thinks that I am easy to get and make an effort to ‘get’ me then so be it. I just say no and  let him be disappointed afterwards without any remorse on my part. (For the record though, I never flirted or have affair with any of the men here.) 😛

I guess this is somehow felt also in Thailand. When we went there to spend a 2-week vacation, Thai people seemed distant to us, especially to my husband who is of course a ‘white’ foreigner. I felt that they thought that foreigners crowd their country and take their women. In the eyes of my husband, Filipinos are friendlier than Thais but then again, there are less foreigners in Philippines than it is in Thailand.

As for me and my non-chalant attitude in life, I actually like Thailand.

We first spent 3 days in Bangkok and the very first thing that we did was to have  a Thai massage. It was heaven. A man cleaned/massaged a bit our feet then led us upstairs where we got our massage from women. Upstairs was an open place separated with curtains. I did not think there were some ‘happy end’ that can take place there. I was very much satisfied with the massage and the experience.

Then we roamed around the streets of Bangkok. What I noticed was that there were a lot of street food vendors. However, with my husband being NOT an adventurous eater, I was not able to enjoy some of the street food there. He said NO and when he says no, SOMETIMES I relent. 😛

We then went to a big shopping mall there which I forgot the name. It was on the high end, more expensive shopping malls there and it was a bit expensive actually but very big and pretty. It was more like Glorietta malls in the Philippines, only bigger.  There was a huuuge food court with international dishes. I ordered a Bibimpap and it was oh-so-delicious. See, after 3 years I still remember.

We then went to like a nature park where there were lions and my husband went ga-ga about it. He was able to have a photo of him caressing a huge lion while I just watched. I am not really a big fan of animals for whatever they are. Lol.

Then we went to Phuket. We booked the Phuket trip from a travel agency we found in Bangkok and it was short of a catastrophe. I do not remember how much we paid but it I thought at that time that it was expensive. I actually semi-quarrelled with my husband at the travel agency because I did not want him to book it but I think he was pressured because the woman did a lot for us already. She was really pressuring us to pay right then and there. I remember she was annoyed at me because I was saying No to my husband. lol.

Also, we found that travel agency through the tuktuk driver that toured us on that day and I suspect that he got a commission from it, thus the high price that we needed to pay. Anyway, we booked it, went back to the hotel, then I researched and showed the normal flight prices as well as hotel prices in Phuket to my husband which annoyed him a lot more. At this time, he was already being in a bad mood because the tuktuk driver got a lot of money from us than what was deemed ‘normal’.

So we went to Phuket. The hotel in Phuket that the agency booked us was actually good.  It was a beach front property with breakfast included. The catch though was that we needed to walk for about idk 800 – 1000 meter to go to the swimmable part of the beach. I think we stayed about 7 days in Phuket. There were again streetfoods which I pressured my husband into eating. (Then he got diarrhea afterwards, his stomach being not that immune to Asian cuisine and health standards, yet..) 

Everyday, we would walk to the beach and swim, then in the afternoons to evenings go to party place and eat dinner. We never did party or went to wild bars but I did see that a lot of foreigners were wild and they were all over the place. It actually seemed to me that there were more foreigners than locals there.

We also hired a motorbike for a good price. The owner wanted our passport as collateral and I was so hesitatant to hand them up because if he loses it, we will be stuck in Thailand for quite some time. Also, I read a lot of stories about it. We then scanned and asked around the area if we could hire a motorcycle without giving up our passports but all of them asked for passports as collateral. In the end we gave in and thankfully, all worked out.

The beach in Phuket was good and the sun was scorching hot. My husband liked it because he got his tan but I ached until I learned to accept my fate of burning my already brown skin.

After our time in Phuket we went back to Bangkok and there was horror that awaited us. 

The agency booked us a very cheap hotel where only Indians go. It was so different from the hotel that we booked on our own when we arrived. My husband was so annoyed because he felt so cheated by the agency.

We could not bear the stank of the restaurant when we had it our breakfast.In the end, we did eat outside. We were also the only other nationality present there, aside from some locals. The food was horrible and the place was so dirty. 

In the end, we transferred to another hotel. It was such a waste of money because the hotel back in Bangkok from Phuket was part of the package. 

This new  hotel (which was an old palace converted into a hotel) was near a Chinese night market and atleast it was interesting. Again,  I was astounded as to how many white foreigners there were there. No wonder, a lot of locals feel distant and unfriendly.

In this area, which I forgot, there were a lot of massage parlors. A lot of sexy girls, some of them in nurse uniform hooted on us while we walked, inviting us to have a massage. We did have one. My husband did not like it because this time he said it was too heavy and painful but it was heaven for me.

I still remember how much we paid for the whole Thailand vacation though. It was one of our most expensive vacations up to now. I think we paid more or less 6,000 chf for the 2 weeks trip. We usually pay north of 3,000  or oftentimes less but this Thailand trip got really expensive.

When I mention Thailand and how much I like to go back, my husband cuts me off. He said he would rather spend money and time in the Philippines where people are more friendly than go back to Thailand again.

But  I got the best massage experience in Thailand and even just for that, I would be very much like to visit again.

Here are some photos. Oh I miss Thailand!!!

This is in Bangkok in the middle of shopping malls, near their Metro. I think they were students doing some street arts.


One of those delicious foods that we ate in Bangkok. I do not remember where but I remember the soup being so creamy and tasty and the other soupd being so spicy. Both were super delicious.


A view from one of our hotels in Bangkok. The air there is very much like Manila where there is also much pollution.


This is from one of those temples we visited. I needed to rent a saro to cover my navel as my outfit was deemed inapproriate. 😛


There was this very large Buddha which I learned was made of pure gold ( although technically that can be disputed as pure gold should be liquid right? but who am I to point that out). 😛 There were also locals praying to the Buddha. I did not pray but I did kneel down for a photoshoot.


We saw this while on a taxi. The taxi driver said that it is a government office. I took a photo as I thought it was peculiar.


At this time my husband was crazy with Muay Thai so of course we went to a stadium to watch it live. We got the very front seats and there were lots of times where sweats got into my face. There was also a lot of betting going on in the fights and it was very loud and noisy. All the time my husband was exhilirated. 😛


This is our last hotel which was a Palace before. It was indeed very big and smelled really old. There were lots of statues and paintings in the huge corridors.


One of those stalls in the night market. I actually liked Thai street food but my husband’s stomach was not so strong as mine so we did not really experimented a lot. 🙁


I forgot how this is called but I ordered this atleast 3 times while I was there.


This is our hotel in Phuket. It is just opposite the beach. Unfortunately, this part was not swimmable. But it was nice. 🙂


This is still the beach in front of our hotel in Phuket.


From our hotel, we needed to walk for quite a bit to go to the swimmable part of Patong Beach and this is one of those views while walking. 🙂 Pretty right?


This is one of those photos I took near Patong Beach. There are good restaurants in the area as well as shopping stalls.


There you go. The swimmable part of Patong Beach. :=)


And it is me walking under the shade if coconut pavillion. 🙂


And me posing in the balcony of our room in Phuket. 🙂 The pool was by the way really nice. 🙂


Me again walking in the beach in front of the hotel. The waters are very clear but it is not swimmable because of the stones. I saw however, soem locals fishing in this part.


Me frolicking at the beach!!!! The sand there was so powdery fine!


So powdery fine!!
Most of the times, we swam in Patong Beach but there was also a beach that was quite hidden and more private that we went to. This is the way to there. My husband was joking that I looked like this fat woman. lol


This is the secluded beach that I was referring to. There were really less people there and because it was quite hidden. The water was good but at this time there were lots of sand in the water because it rained on this day.


It was gloomy on this day but it was still pretty I guess. 🙂 That is by the way my husband. I post very few photos of him because he does not like it but once in a while I do. He does not read my blog so this photo is safe. lol


And me again frolicking in the beach. 😛


This is the motorcycle that we rented while in Phuket. It was not so expensive really.


Phuket at night. All the time there, we never did go to any party or bar. We were two very good foreigners. 😛


The pool in our Phuket hotel. 🙂


It is me again at out room balcony. 🙂 I was so tan at this point already but I liked it. 🙂


And this is my very good, best husband in the world. Just in case he finds out that I posted a photo of him, atleast I would alleviate his annoyance because I said he is the best husband in the world, 😛 Well, anyway, he does not read my blog so this is safe. lol


While my husband was ga-ga over the tiger (I think I said lion in the article) I waited outside. I had not at all interest with animals. 😛


Oh yes so the name of the place was Tiger Kingdom and if I am not mistaken this is in Phuket and not Bangkok.


And me while waiting for the car that would take us to Phuket airport back to Bangkok. I still remember this moment because I did not want to leave.


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