Thoughts on my FARMON Investment


FARMON is a crowdfunding site where people can choose products to fund from a list and then share in the profit come harvest time. According to its website, it was established in 2014 and has since 20 farming cycles done. Currently they are on cycle 21.

In my search for diversification of income streams, I started investing in FARMON with just 6k pesos in 2018. I bought 2 plots of squash and 2 plots of watermelon. After 6 months, my returns is posted in my account which earned me 12% interest. That same year in October I reinvested my capital to buy 2 plots of bananas with farming beginning at January 2019.

Basically what happens is that when a cycle opens, a list of farms is posted in the farmon website wherein you can choose what investments you want to fund. They have currently 11 farms you can choose from. The thing is if you want to get the investments where it takes just 3-4 months of ROI (like livestocks or vegetables that grow fast) then you have to be fast in choosing. The faster you choose, the faster you get your contract. Once you receive your contract in the Message Center of your Control Panel, you have to pay withing the next 3 days. Otherwise, your ‘reserved’ slot will be given to someone else.

My experience with Farmon is up until this point. I have not yet tried to withdraw my money although there are lots of testimonials online which attest to its legitimacy and one can really get the money back.

12% interest for a 6 month investment is really really good but I hesitate to add more because I have some doubts still. For example,

  1. FARMON Administration. I guess because I have so little to lose in this investment so I have not really researched about who runs this platform. I noticed that it takes a while before I get my contract. They seem to have little administration manpower or idk. They also reply in a not- so- fast manner when I try to email them. I guess calling would be better and faster but it is almost imposible because I do not live in the Philippines at the moment.

  1. I honestly do not know exactly who the farmers are. Sure there are listed farms that boasts of 100k hectares and more but I have not really seen the farmers. I guess it would give me a sense of legitimacy if I actually SEE the people behind the farming activity.

  1. The return of investment is frankly too high and I do not know if it is real. Sure it is posted in my account but I happen to also know a bit of farming investing and I know how difficult it is sometimes to be assured of your profit at the end of the season. FARMON crops, as I know are insured so if something happens because of typhoons or any calamities then the investment is supposed to be secure.

  1. There is no supervising authority / government laws on this type of investment. Or am I just maybe misinformed. I mean, they could just easily declare bankruptcy and it is all gone. Also, last time I checked, the business model is sole propreitorship, I think I would feel much safer if it is a corporation because it would mean that they would have a considerable back up capital.

However, I have no plans to withdraw my investment and I will try to let it grow. The reason is that this crowdfunding site is still alive since 2014 and I have not read any withdrawal or ‘scams’ issues about it in the internet.

I might try to withdraw my money to see if one can really do it before I invest more.

Thoughts on my FARMON Investment

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