Touristing in the city of Zürich.

I live just under an hour from Zürich but it is only these last times that I really got to ‘see’ it.

I thought before that Zürich is just that big SBB train station and the shops that go around it but oh boy!

The first time I ‘saw’ Zürich was with a friend Niya. It was because of her that I saw the famous Zürich lake that I had been longing to see. I guess we did the cruise at about this time last summer. I was so overcame with thankfulness that FINALLY I SAW THE LAKE!! We walked from the train station through the Hauptbahnhofstrasse to where the cruise ships are docked and where the people buy the tickets from. 

This is my first Zürich experience with Niya. She was the one who taught me that to go to the lake, one just has to take a tram from Hauptbahnhofstrasse or just walk straight and the end part of the street is already the lake.

The second time I ‘experienced’ Zürich was with a friend Paulina. We walked around Zürich for about 8 hours pausing just for an hour or so for lunch. How big it was still boggles me up to now. There was just a lot of main streets, sidewalks, hidden streets, interesting streets (the Langstrasse ..) I realized that day that Zürich has so many faces. There is the tourists spots, the businesses, the fashion streets, the nature vibes, as well as.. well, Langstrasse.. 😛

This is my second Zürich touristing experience with Paulina. We walked like 8 hours non stop (save for the lunch) and ended up in H&M. It was still cold and that day was gloomy so not much photos. 😛

Today, I had a dentist appointment in Zürich and because I would come from Baden, I did not just want to go all the way to Zürich and just come back. I never want to go ‘touristing’ alone again having done it multiple times before and know how lonely it can be. 

So I messaged our whatsapp group composed of the Sexy Girls of Holy Cow (a team of friends  from a previous work) and asked if someone was free and yeey, Mirella was free. To be honest, I do not have a lot of friends here in Switzerland (or maybe I can say of that overall in my life lol) so I am sort of clingy to those people who I happen to vibe with. So there.

We met in front of COOP City in Bellevue in Theaterplatz. It was quite funny because I am so bad in directions that although I was using Google Maps, I still got it wrong lots of times. So I actually ended up walking the wrong way around instead of a series of just straight lines. I blame it on how so many buildings Zürich has as well as my poor eyesight. I cannot really read well past a certain meter and those street names seemed so small for reading.. yeah.

But I got to the meeting with spare minutes to boot. 😛

It was just 10 in the morning and both of us did not have breakfast yet so we went looking for a restaurant. It was so funny because while crossing the street to go to the lakeside bar, someone was calling Mirella. It was her boyfriend Dennis and was like hey what are you doing here? 

We had our breakfast of croissants, orange juice and coffee to start the day. On the opposite of the bar is a sort of a tower-like place where you can see the part of the lake. Dennis said that we could cross the bridge and find our way up there among the narrow streets somewhere. He had to go to work to earn money as what men in serious relationships  usually do so he left us to enjoy our day. (As women in serious, secure relationships usually do, too). Lol

This tower turned out to be a sort of a mini park. We took some photos and wandered further.

Opposite Mirella is the lakeside bar that we had our breakfast in. I guess we were so lucky that today was such a good weather.
This is a part of the lake that I find really sooooo beautiful. I mean, the river is so clear, the streets have no litter, the paint is tip top. It is a photo of a moment captured in time, if I dare to be poetic.
I noticed this information table that shows which birds can be found at the Zürich lake. They are quite a few. 🙂

We walked along the lake and how vast and diverse it is truly. I really thought before that Zürich lake was just this small round about through a part of the city but it was apparently not. Also, we walked a lot already culminating in the Chinese Garden and on the tram back to Hauptbahnhofstrasse, Mirella said that we were still in Zürich. I actually thought that we were already in the vicinity like Oerlikon or so. 

With Paulina before on my second touristing in Zürich, I think that we walked just IN the city because we wandered the ins and outs of streets that I literally did not know where exactly we were but it was still IN the center of the city. Today I felt like we were nearing the border of the city but when Mirella turned and walked through a shortcut where apartments and some restaurants were, I realized that we were still around the city center. I really got confused about where exactly we were.

This is the shortcut that I was talking about. This place looks a bit different maybe because of the closed together trees and a quiter vibe. But this street just runs parallel to the lake actually.
After breakfast while walking further, we saw a stair leading to the waters and of course the idea came to dip our feet on it. Man, was it cold!
We found this romantic steps on a lagoon running alongside the lake. Surprisingly, there are some fish in it. Although maye I should not really be surprised as fish belong to a lagoon.. I am not sure though, because I think that lagoons are dead water, no? lol
This is the part of the lake opposite the Chinese Garden. We saw a lot of people swimming and sun bathing already. I cannot imagine how it would be like there in a high summer weekend.
This is another view of the sake area in front of the Chinese Garden. There is this walkway where I guess people can dive.
And that is me feeling like a model. I look pretty from a far really but once it is closed up, oh my!! Unless it is filtered of course. LOL. They say one should not take oneself too seriously so there..

So since we were a bit tired of walking ( which I certainly was having the wrong shoes for the ocassion) we boarded the tram back to the center. It was time for lunch.

We had lunch at Manor Restaurant.

I like Manor Restaurant more than COOP and MIGROS Restaurants because Manor has more options and it is pretty diverse also, albeit certainly more expensive. We both ordered this noddles that costs 14,70 chf for a small portion. The normal portion cost 17.90 if I remember correctly. But the small portion was already a lot, thankfully! I also got the asparagus soup that I always have whenever I am in eating in Manor while Mirella got an extra spring roll.

Sure looks yummy eh?

After having desserts we went down to the make up /department store section of Manor. I wanted to buy an eyelash glue because I bought fake lashes from Aliexpress but the glue that I ordered separately did not arrive in my mail. For a very small glue I paid almost 14 chf. Ouch. Then Mirella bought this lip tint that was more expensive. Women! I remarked that nowadays, it is so easy to be beautiful, we just need the money for it. Because really, the make up section was so huge and every detail of the face or perceived problems has a make up solution. Also, if you dress well and has an arsenal of fashion ideas, you could be really very pretty. But yes, you would need the money to buy those things.

We went then  to Tally Weijl and H&M shops afterwards to do some shopping. (Because we’re women lol) Mirella is always so fashionable and I think, her being thin and fair-skinned, looks perfect in every way.

As for me, I wanted to change my style from this girly girl to a power, modern girl a’la Gigi Hadid / Kendall Jenner. They wear nowadays these high waist trousers and fit basic shirts and they just look so elegant and feminine.

This is actually the trend that I see in Switzerland lately.

So I tried on a pair of trousers at the cabin. Lo and behold, I looked too short and far from my expectation. So in the end, I bought this girly dress so I guess I would  not be changing my style in the near future.

We parted ways at the Hauptbahnhofstrasse. Mirella will go to the gym. (Her body is  already so lean and defined, why does she still need the gym, really?) while I went the opposite way to the train station. I was super tired to be honest. In Mirella’s fitness app, it said the we walked 8 kilometers together, I felt that it was more really.

I was just so happy because I got to see the lake again and spent some blabla time with Mirella. I missed our blabla times before while we were still working together so catching up was really super nice.

And that actually concludes my touristing in Zürich today. I am super thankful that I live in this beautiful country of Switzerland. And this opportunity was also given to me by a friend that I feel forever indebted to. But that story is for another time.

Thank you for reading. :)))

And this is me on the way to my house door. My feet were really tired but then again, a tight ballerina shoes is not made for city walking,




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