TUI Fly Experience

For our October vacation, we have booked an all inclusive holiday in Rhodos, Greece. We needed to book the flight separately however. 

We have found the cheapest direct flight from Basel Mulhouse – Freiburg to Diagoras Airport for 260 chf per person. It was the best option because it was a direct flight. Other options were actually more expensive and we had to do some stopover somewhere in Germany. This flight that we had was a TUI Fly. 

I have heard of TUI before because they seem to be one of the good travel agencies that can be found online. I also see a lot of TUI travel agencies in some Swiss cities so I was familiar with it.  I was actually surprised that they had an own airline and that it was one of the cheapest possible flights that we could have. 

Our flight was at 6am and check in was and boarding time was at 5.15. We arrived at Basel Airport at about 4.20 in the morning courtesy of a taxi that we booked from

The check in counter at the airport can be found easily. We were one of the first to fall in line. 

Everything was smooth and fast. The only surprise for me was that we had to pay 10 euros because we used the check in counter to check in. Had we checked in online it would have to be free of charge. I was surprised because checking in of passengers had always been free. I mean, isn’t this job a part of the travel? What will be next? Should we then pay the airline when we board? First they charged passengers a booking fee when they book a flight that the airline sells. Then now they charge the passengers when they check in. What fee will be next?

My view from my seat. For a short travel plane they do have an ample amount of leg room. I like it that they do not stack the passengers in the plane like sardines. Lol

Anyway, we boarded the plane from our gate and the plane was punctual. I think this was one of the positive things that I would say of TUI Flight that we experienced. 

Another thing that I liked about the flight was that there were enough leg room. I was comfortable at my seat. 

Then the biggest compliment that I would like to say is that my ears did not hurt from air pressure that happen during the take off and the landing. This could only mean that the plane was in its best form or the pilot was really good. Idk. I was just so happy about it that I decided at my plane seat that I would write a review of this flight. 

The food was also satisfactory. I mean, there was no free in-flight food unless you book with the TUI Fly website and not from 3rd party but the food price was fair. One can have a sandwich with a drink for 7.90 euros. The cheapest snack was a muffin with a drink for 4 euros. This price was fair I think. I mean, I come from Switzerland where a plain sandwich with a drink could cost at least 10 chf. 

Anyway, our plane arrived on time at Diagoras Airport. We had to wait for maybe 30 minutes before the luggages arrived but it was okay.

All in all, I was really satisfied with this flight. Sans maybe that check in counter fee which I still think as outrageous. 

I would definitely book a TUI Fly again. This should be one of the good, if not the best European airlines there is. 

And by the way before I forget, in our 3 – hour flight there were atleast 5 in flight crew that I saw. I mean, as a normal worker, I appreciate it that the airline up to now hasn’t still cut their employees budget. A lot of businesses nowadays cut their workers’ hours so that they could stack more profits on their books. 

I WILL definitely book a TUI Fly again. 

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