What I do when I feel hungry.

what to do when I feel hungry

    Feelings of being hungry come together with trying to lose weight. There’s a lot of times when we just feel like we are hungry and would very much want to eat something. For some this means a headache or nausea or for some, this nagging want to just grab a specific food.

    I have my own proven and tested tips and tricks. Here are some of them. 

    1. A cup of hot tea.
     There are those times when the body is really hungry and deprived of nutrients that I know I should really just eat. However, there are also lots of times when I just feel hungry even if I literally just finished a meal. Most of the times this is just gluttonny or cravings and when this strikes, I just boil water and put on a tea bag. I guess the hot beverage on my stomach makes me feel warm and fussy and that the craving somehow is gone. I have experienced this a lot of times so for me, a sure way to kill a craving is a hot cup of tea. 🙂

     2. I exercise or go for a short walk.

     Most of the times, I feel hungry because I am so bored or even lonely. I instinctively or mindlessly munch foods ( junk foods usually as they are the most accessible from the pantry). So when this happens and I know that the reason for my hungry feeling is boredom, I go out and take a walk. Good thing is that just outside our apartment complex is a mini forest so I can see lots of green things and it is soothing. Plus, the feeling of my body moving and inhaling fresh air gives comfort and frees the mind from whatever stress or problems it has. 🙂 When the weather is not so good, I go lift some weights, do squats or jumping jacks and just do something that would take my mind off from a food craving.

    3. I eat a little and chew slowly.

    When I think that I am really  hungry but it is not yet the right time to eat (like when I do Intermittant Fasting) I eat but just a little. For example, I might eat a small apple or a banana because they are what is usually readily available that is healthy.  I always try to eat slowly so that I give my brain time to send and receive tha ‘I am full’ signal. I make a conscious effort not to reach the tempting junks like chocolates or chips. (I always have a stacks of chocolates bars and chips because my husband likes them. I also do not want to always give myself that feeling of deprivation because life is supposed to be taken lightly and losing that extra weight is not everything in this world, right?

    4. I become crazy with cleaning the house. 

    I become a devil housemaid when I go on this route. This is funny yes. What I do is grab my Dyson vacuum cleaner and just start to walk around the house and the edges just  furiously vacuuming. I always have wet all around wipes so I use it to polish and clean all surfaces especially the kitchen counters. Somehow I feel a sense of achievement because I normally hate cleaning and our house is not really that shiny shimmering tip top clean all the time. 

    I do more or less when I am really hungry or just craving something so I try to act accordingly. Of course I do slip and give in to cravings but it does not happen all the time precisely because I know the root cause of the food craving. 

    One thing I avoid when I feel hungry is watching videos or start to browse on Instagram. I don’t know but it makes me feel more tired and bored when I lie down in bed before a YouTube video. I also feel bad and down when I see the perfect lives of people in Instagram and I tend to compare my life with them. It is not at all healthy nor it is advisable. 

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