Why meat in Switzerland is super expensive.

One Sunday, my husband and I were invited in a kid birthday party. We were told that we will do some hiking so please use appropriate shoes. I was excited because of the hiking part but a bit tired thinking of it at the same time since the whole week was a busy one for me.

It was a good day for a hike since it was still early summer here in Switzerland. We started the hike at about half past 2 in the afternoon with like 6-7 families of about  12-15 little children.

The hike was about an hour culminating in a very steep climb where the grill awaits on top of a hill. It was actually very funny because we hiked and was really tired while there was actually a way around the hill where one can use a car and thus no need for the stressful uphill climb.

But I guess that was the sinn of the event. It was fun because the kids actually enjoyed it albeit in the last part, some of them needed to be piggy-backed. It was really a long and tiring thing to do specially to kids ages 4-6 that were there.

While walking, I saw organic Swiss farms where healthy, happy looking cows graze on the grass backdropped the beautiful towns and mountains. It was really amazing to see organic farms here in Switzerland.

I have often watched documentaries in Youtube about gross farms where the animals have no space and are sometimes trampled to death. Where they are fed  GMO corns and injected with heaven-knows-what chemicals to prop up their weight before slaughter. 

But the organic farms in Switzerland was just so close to nature which is what it should be. They are well taken care of, eat healthy grass, breathe fresh air and so they are healthy and gives quality milk and meat. 

These conditions are of course expensive that is why I can understand how expensive the meat and animal products that are sold here in Switzerland. Swiss farms have strict codes and regulations that they must follow to be labeled organic.

However, for me, even if the product is not organic but is of Swiss origin, it would still be better than the meat from say Netherlands or Germany.  Swiss has just a higher standard, a better living conditions for the animals as well as really stricter laws. I know this for a fact because I worked in a restaurant before and Swiss inspections are really oft and common and once we fail big time, comes a hefty fine.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took for the day. 


This is a part of the trail. The weather was really good. It was hot as a summer afternoon could be but there is wind so it was comfortable to hike.
These cows look so healthy and content. Where they graze is envible too. ;P It just look so picture perfect.
We also saw a piggery and I was so surprised of the amount of space the pigs have, They are absolutely not crowded and they look really clean.


Me before the steep climb. 😛 I did not post photos of the birthday party because I do not have permission from the parents and I do not want to violate their sense of privacy.
This is the steep climb that I was saying. It does not look so daunting in the picture but it was really steep. 😛


So there. To be honest though, I find Swiss meat really really expensive so I just usually buy them when they are on sale or when they are close to expiry and are on 50% off. Lol.


Thanks for reading. 🙂

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