Yves Rocher Review: Why do I buy from this beauty company?

I receive an advertisement from Yves Rocher every month in my mailbox for I think more than 3 years now. 

Not that I am complaining really. I mean, I receive mailbox advertisements quite a lot from different companies but they are fairly easy to turn off. I just need to send an email to the publisher then the ads stop, which I have done countless times already. Somehow though, I never turned off this ads from Yves Rocher. I look forward in receiving them actually.

Well, I would say that they are effective in making me ‘want’ to buy. 

First are the products. I have lots of products from them already: from skin lotions to wash gels, to perfumes and moisturizers. I would say that they have really good products. They smell good and it says in the label ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’ which pops my eyes a little bit. 😛

Then comes the price. To be honest, they have a pretty steep price when I go to their physical stores (they have in big train stations and in Zürich Hauptbahnhofstrasse). I find them quite expensive though.

However, in the small catalog that they send per month, they usually slash the prices and they give a gift, well mostly 2 gifts per order. Sometimes too, they slash the shipping cost although it is pretty rare to my recollection.

An example is the catalog this month, May. As Mother’s Day special, they slash 50% from perfumes and skin care. Plus, they also 1+1 deals where you buy a product and then the same product you get for free. This 1+1 deal though is usual because I always see this almost every month. Although of course, the products may vary each month.

Third is a benefit which I do not actually use.  Once you placed your order, they give you a bill when your order comes. It states that you can pay in two months. I usually just pay once I get the bill because I might forget it. However, this is a good benefit for those who like to shop because it acts like a credit. This is also good for the company because they entice the customers to buy more knowing that they could pay way later.

Now let me share some products that I bought from them that I still have.

About 6 months and the bottle is still not empty :=)

I got this limited edition Maracuja hair mist last December, if I remember correctly. I would give this spray a 9 out of 10 rating as it smells really heavenly. I say 9 because I feel that the smell does not last long.

Well, I guess they last as long as a Victoria Secret mist. I could be wrong though as maybe my nose get immune to the smell so I CANNOT recognize it after some time anymore. 😛 But yeah, it smells really heavenly and delicious. 🙂

The red is called Serum Vegétal anti-wrinkle cream and the white is Anti-age Global Night Cream.

These are some products that I bought with the 1+1 promo. This is a serum and a night moisturizer. I also bought them in December so the other ones are already long gone. I have not opened them yet because I am using Nivea as of the moment for my face.

I would say they are both good, not so moisturizing as I would rather them have because my skin was too dry when I used them in near winter (That is why I switched to Nivea). For normal weather though, I would think that they are good as Nivea is too sticky when the weather gets warmer.

I also have a wash gel in the bathroom which also smell so delicious. A side note for the wash gels; they are very moisturizing to the skin. They cost a bit more than drug store products but they really do pamper and soften your skin. Plus, you would want to eat yourself after you shower. 😛

So next question is, do I always buy from this company? 

I mentioned above that their mailbox catalog make me ‘want’ to buy. And yes, I do fill up the order form many times already and even sealed them but as I am a very frugal person, I almost always do not ship the order form. 

This is fortunately a character of me. I always think and re-think IF I need this product and if after a day or two, I already lose interest, then I do not buy. I do not do (or rarely do) impulsive buying. Plus, I do not like buying things that will just be additional clutter. 😛

All in all, I am still subscribed to Yves Rocher. I like this company and once in a while, when they have really good offers, I send an order. 

I guess this is a worldwide company. Maybe you can try one of their products and share your opinion.

Plus, they always give free gifts so it is not bad. :=)



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